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Bookmark (BBC): Hosted by Ian Hamilton from 1984-1987
(An asterisk indicates Hamilton interviewed and scripted the film or studio item.)

9 September 1984: Martin Amis, T.S. Eliot*, Agatha Christie
24 October 1984: J.G. Ballard*, Seamus Heaney*, D.H. Lawrence
21 November 1984: Virginia Woolf, James Baldwin
19 December 1984: Mirror Poetry (Kingsley Amis), Dr. Johnson, Mark Twain
21 January 1985: Alison Lurie*, Austin, Texas, Ezra Pound*
20 February 1985: Rosamond Lehmann, John Cheever, Edward Fitzgerald*
20 March 1985: The Tenth Man, A Passage to India, Richardson.s Pamela*
17 April 1985: Dorothy Wordsworth, Esperanto, Stratis Haviaras
22 May 1985: Keith Douglas*, Mario Vargas Llosa
26 September 1985: Italo Calvino*, Simon Gray*, Clive Sinclair*
17 October 1985: Primo Levi, Koestler Awards (Prison Writing)
14 November 1985: V.S. Pritchett*, Miss Read, Grace Paley*
19 December 1985: Roald Dahl, Shirley Hughes, Janni Howker
16 January 1986: Angus Wilson*, H.R.F. Keating, Simon Burt
13 february1986: J.M. O.Neill, Margaret Forster, R.S. Thomas*
13 March 1986: Ruth Rendell, William Trevor*, Edmund White
10 April 1986: Dannie Abse*
8 May 1986: A. Alvarez, Timothy Mo*, S-Z Dictionary
2 October 1986: A.N. Wilson*, Joseph Brodsky
30 October 1986: Jonathan Raban, Joseph Skvorecky*, Ted Albeury
31 October 1986: Fay Weldon Special
27 November 1986: James Clavell, George Lamming
8 January 1987: Peter Reading*, Pat Barker, Kazuo Ishiguro*
5 February 1987: Nurrudin Farah, Don Mattera
5 March 1987: Spalding Gray, Peter Taylor*
7 May 1987: Yorkshire Ripper, Melvyn Bragg, Christine Brooke-Rose

Additional Television Appearances

New Release, 16 February 1967.The Film of the Book. [About publication of a first novel].
Omnibus, George Orwell, 10 January 1970, BBC TV [IH interviewed about George Orwell].

The Living Poet, 16 Mar. 1970, BBC Third Programme [IH introduces & reads selection of his poems].

Second House, 5 January 1974, BBC TV [Melvyn Bragg profile of John Fuller, with interview with IH].

Second House, 20 April 1974, BBC TV [IH interviewed about The New Review].

Bookmark, 28 September 1983, BBC TV [IH previews the six novels nominated for the Booker Prize].

Omnibus, 'The Other Side of Paradise', 5 November 1985 [IH scripts and presents a documentary on F. Scott Fitzgerald].

Bookmark, 'Lifers', 9 March 1996, BBC TV [IH interviewed about J.D. Salinger biography and biography in general].


Books and Writers, 22 June 1970, BBC Radio [IH interviewed about The Visit].

Kaleidoscope, 5 April 1974, BBC Radio [IH interviewed about the aims of The New Review].

Poetry Please, 23 January 1994, BBC Radio 4 [IH introduces a selection of listeners' requests for American poetry].

Night Waves, 11 March 1998, BBC Radio 3 [IH talks to Tony Palmer about A Gift Imprisoned: The Poetic Life of Matthew Arnold].

Critic!, 12 April 1998, BBC, Radio 3 [Tom Paulin and Ian Hamilton discuss William Hazlitt and Matthew Arnold].

Twenty Minutes, "Against Oblivion", 22 March 2000, BBC Radio 3 [IH on Charlotte Mew and Hart Crane (adapted from his book, Against Oblivion: Some Lives of the 20th Century Poets)].

Twenty Minutes, "Against Oblivion", 24 March 2000, BBC Radio 3 [IH on Norman Cameron and Weldon Kees (adapted from his book, Against Oblivion: Some Lives of the 20th Century Poets)].


Please Note: Portions of this bibliography were originally compiled by Phil Hoy and Ryan Roberts for Ian Hamilton in Conversation with Dan Jacobson, London, Between the Lines, 2002. Visit the publisher's website for more information or to order.
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