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The New Review (1974-1979)

'The New Review was intended to preserve the rigour and liveliness of The Review but to extend its range into 'the arts' - although literature would be its chief concern. There were few outlets then (there are maybe even fewer now) for the short story, for the extended critical essay, or for the sort of 'new journalism' that was making its mark in the United States. On the one hand, there were the academic journals; on the other, the Sunday supplements and culture pages, with their obligation to be brief. It seemed to us that there was fertile, vacant ground between the two: it was for this we aimed'. -- From the Preface to The New Review Anthology, edited by Ian Hamilton (Heinemann, 1985)


Vol. 1, No. 1 (April 1974)
The New Review, no. 1 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

'Greek Street W 1': 3-4

Robert Lowell: 'To Mother', 'The Airport', 'Fourth Year', 'Wellesley Free', 'The Afterlife', 'What We Were', 'Before We Are', 'Ulysses Circling --', 'The Exile's Return', 'Homecoming' [Poems]: 5-14

Jonathan Raban: 'Profile 1: Angus Wilson': 16-19, 21-24

Edna O'Brien: 'A Scandalous Woman' [Fiction]: 25, 27-36

Colin Falck: 'Poetry and Ordinariness' [Opinion Essay]: 37-38, 40-42

Caroline Blackwood: 'Big Deal' [Report]: 43-45, 47-52

Douglas Dunn: 'The Tear', 'The Arbitration', 'New Roads, New Town, New Bridge', 'Imaginary Landscapes' [Poems]: 53-58

Dan Jacobson: 'The Childhood of Josef Baise' [Excerpt from novel-in-progress]: 60-62

Clive James: 'Prisoners of Clarity -- 1: Nigel Balchin' [Essay]: 64-66, 68-70, 72

Francis Hope: 'Letter from Paris' [Essay]: 73-74

Melvyn Bragg: 'The American Writer Norman Mailer' [Essay]: 75-77

A. Alvarez: 'Nature Morte' [Poem]: 77

Letters [Lengthy letter from George Steiner on being asked to write an article for The New Review]: 78-81, 83-84

Julian Mitchell: 'I. And Ivy' [Rev. or Ivy When Young: The Early Life of I. Compton-Burnett 1884-1919, by Hilary Spurling]: 85-89

Russell Davies: 'Blood-Dimmed Tide' [Rev. of Violence in the Arts, by John Fraser]: 89-91

Martin Amis: 'For His Pains' [Rev. of Thieves of Fire, by Denis Donoghue]: 91-92

Lorna Sage: 'Civil Engineer' [Rev. of The Sacred and Profane Love Machine, by Iris Murdoch]: 92-93

[Rosemary Dinnage]: 'Terminal Terrain' [Rev. of How Many Miles to Babylon?, by Jennifer Johnston; The Man Who Was Left Behind, by Rachel Ingalls; Note: This review is unsigned, but Dinnage is listed in the table of contents]: 93

David Harsent: 'Chum' [Rev. of A Closer Look at Ariel: A Memory of Sylvia Plath, by Nancy Hunter Steiner]: 93

'Nemo's Page' [Competition]: 96

Vol. 1, No. 2 (May 1974)
The New Review, no. 2 (edited by Ian Hamilton)  


'Greek Street W 1': 3-4

John McGahern: 'The Leavetaking' [Excerpts from novel]: 5-12

John Sturrock: 'Profile 2: Roland Barthes': 13-18, 19-21

John Fuller: 'The Most Difficult Position' [Poem]: 22-32

Alison Lurie: 'What Happened in Hamlet' [Report]: 33-42

Ian Hamilton: 'Divine Afflatus' [Essay on The Little Review]: 43-53

James Fenton: 'Wild Life Studies' [Poem]: 54-56

Jonathan Raban: 'Proust, Joyce and Dick' [Opinion Essay]: 57-60

Thomas Hinde: 'Agent' [Excerpt from novel]: 61-64

Melvyn Bragg: 'Diary of a Canvasser' [Essay]: 65-74

Patricia Highsmith: 'The Man Who Wrote Books in His Head' [Fiction]: 75-77

Julian Symons: 'Criminal Activities' [On crime fiction]: 78-80

Russell Davies: 'Bottle Baby' [Rev. of Malcolm Lowry, by Douglas Day]: 81-84

John Carey: 'Ripe and Rosy' [Rev. of Keats and Embarrassment, by Christopher Ricks]: 84, 86

John Mander: 'Grass Roots' [Rev. of From the Diary of a Snail, by Gunter Grass]: 86-88

Clive James: 'Stars and Stripes' [Rev. of Pentimento, by Lillian Hellman]: 88-90

Lorna Sage: 'Up, Up and Away' [Rev. of Fear of Flying, by Erica Jong]: 90-92

Martin Amis: 'Hard Shoulder' [Rev. of Concrete Island, by J. G. Ballard]: 92

David Williams: 'Play It Again' [Rev. of Burr, by Gore Vidal]: 93
Letters [With reply by Clive James]: 94

'Nemo's Page' [Competition]: 96

Vol.1, No. 3 (June 1974)
The New Review, no. 3 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

'Greek Street W 1': 3

Alex Zwerdling: 'Orwell: Socialism v Pessimism' [Essay]: 5-11, 13-17

Seamus Heaney: 'Viking Dublin: Trial Pieces' [Poem]: 18-19

Francis Wyndham: 'Out of the War' [Fiction]: 20-23

Dan Jacobson: 'Profile 3: Philip Larkin': 25-29

Jim Crace: 'Annie, California Plates' [Fiction]: 30-33

Edwin Morgan: '10 Poems from the New Divan' [Poems]: 34-36

Paul Overy: 'Puce Moster' [Essay]: 37-43

Jean Rhys: 'Sleep It Off Lady' [Fiction]: 45-49

Richard Hayman: 'The Actor and the Artist' [Opinion Essay]: 50-56

Shena Mackay: 'Soft Volcano' [Fiction]: 58-61

Alan Brownjohn: 'Consumers Awake!' [On media]: 62-64

Clive James: 'To Pete Atkins: A Letter from Paris' [Poem]: 65-69

Brian Aldiss: 'sf' [On science fiction, including Kurt Vonnegut]: 70-72

Charles Tomlinson: 'Black Mountain Revisited' [Rev. of Black Mountain: An Exploration in Community, by Martin Duberman]: 73-76

John Carey: 'Heroes and Villains' [Rev. of The Metropolitan Critic, by Clive James]: 76-78

Colin Falck: 'Tempted by the Law' [Rev. of Half Remembered and Walking the Boundaries, by Peter Davison]: 78-79

Caroline Blackwood: 'Taste of the Void' [Rev. of All Said and Done, by Simone de Beauvoir, trans. by Patrick O'Brian]: 79-82

Lorna Sage: 'What Was That?' [Rev. of Strong Opinions, by Vladimir Nabokov]: 82-83

Marigold Johnson: 'Heartbreak Hotel' [Rev. of Long Distance, by Penelope Mortimer]: 83-84

John Sturrock: 'Telling Tales' [Rev. of Dr Brodie's Report, by Jorge Luis Borges, trans. By Norman Thomas di Giovanni]: 84-85

Eric Homberger: 'Beating It' [Rev. of Kerouac: A Biography, by Ann Charters]: 85-86

Edward Buscombe: 'Saddle Sores' [Rev. of Westerns, by Philip French; There Must Be a Lone Ranger, by Jenni Calder]: 86-87

Letters [From Clive James, Peter Ackroyd, Melvynn Bragg, and others]: 88-90

Edward Pygge Reports: 'Ken Russell's Wittgenstein': 91-95

'Nemo's Page' [Competition]: 96

Vol. 1, No. 4 (July 1974)
The New Review, no. 4 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

'Greek Street W 1': 3-4

Jon Stallworthy: 'Owen and Sassoon: The Craiglockhart Episode' [Essay]: 5-17

Hugo Williams: 'The Drive', 'From My Window', 'Second Spring', 'The Student', 'Smiling or Hungry', 'Prayer While Sleeping' [Poems]: 18-20

Clive James: 'Profile 4: Kingsley Amis': 21-28

Natalia Ginzburg: 'Dear Michael' [Excerpt from novel]: 29-32

Roy Fuller: 'Death of Henry James', 'Heilige Dankgesang', 'Ages in the Making', 'Being', 'Exchange or News', 'Soldier's Moon', 'Memories of War' [Poems]: 33-37

Irvin Ehrenpreis: 'The Arts in America' [Essay]: 38

Janathan Raban: 'One American City' [Report]: 39-46

Peter Porter: 'Grub Street Versus Academe' [Opinion Essay]: 47-52

Ian McEwan: 'Solid Geometry' [Fiction]: 53-59

Julian Symons: 'Criminal Activities' [On crime fiction]: 60-62

Letters [From Robert Lowell, Clive James, and others]: 64-66

Bernard Bergonzi: 'Nice to Know You' [Rev. of Arnold Bennett, by Margaret Drabble]: 67-70

Richard Ellmann: 'Garden Party' [Rev. of The Faber Book of Irish Verse, edited by John Montague]: 70-71

'Yours, etc.' [Rev. of A Choice of Byron's Verse, selected by Douglas Dunn; 'Alas! the love of Women': Byron's Letters and Journals, Volume 3: 1813-1814, edited by Leslie A. Marchand; Lord Byron: Accounts Rendered, by Doris Langley Moore]: 71-73

William Pritchard: 'Howdy, Stranger' [Rev. of Love-Hate Relations, by Stephen Spender]: 73-75

Marigold Johnson: 'To the Death' [Rev. of The War Between the Tates, by Alison Lurie]: 75-77

John Sturrock: 'Systems and Brothers' [Rev. of Structuralism in Literature: An Introduction, by Robert Scholes]: 77-78

'Nemo's Page' [Competition]: 80

Vol.1, No. 5 (August 1974)
The New Review, no. 5 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

'Greek Street W 1' [Four tributes to John Crowe Ransome 1888-1974; Contributions from Robert Lowell, Roy Fuller, Richard Ellmann, Denis Donoghue]: 3-8

Colin Falck: 'Cat Gone' [Poem]: 9

Douglas Dunn: 'Straight, No Chaser' [Poem]: 10

Alan Williamson: 'The Pacific Grove Graveyard' [Poem]: 11

Clive James: 'Peregrine Prykke's Pilgrimage Through the London Literary World: A Tragedy in Heroic Couplets' [Play; Recited by Russell Davies, Martin Amis and the Author at the ICA on the Night of June 3rd 1974 under the Auspices of the Poetry International Festival]: 12-17, 19-24

Ronald Hayman: 'Profile 5: Claude Chabrol': 25-34

Alfred Läutner: 'The Nine Lives of Poetry International' [Report]: 35-42

John McGahern: 'The Beginning of an Idea' [Fiction]: 43-48

Ian Hamilton: 'The Little Magazines --2: The Billhook' [Essay on New Verse]: 50-57

Peter Porter: 'Family Album', 'The Story of my Conversation', An Australian Garden', 'Before the War' [Poems]: 58-61

Nadine Gordimer: 'The Dogs' [Fiction]: 63-67

Denis Donoghue: 'Fire in the Great Vein' [Rev. of Collected Poems, by Austin Clarke]: 69-72

John Carey: 'Tough' [Rev. of Keith Douglas, 1920-1944, by Desmond Graham]: 72-74

Edwin Morgan: 'Homeward Bound' [Rev. of Selected Letters of Edwin Muir, edited by P. H. Butter]: 74-76

Douglas Hewitt: 'Just Like Us' [Rev. of Joseph Conrad: The Modern Imagination, by C. B. Cox; Conrad's Romanticism, by David Thorburn]: 76-77

Letters [From John Carey, Edward Mendelson and others]: 78-79

'Nemo's Page' [Competition]: 80

Vol. 1, No. 6 (September 1974)
The New Review, no. 6 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

'Greek Street W 1': 3

Irvin EhrenPreis: 'Literary Style in the Oval Circus' [Essay]: 5-14

Peter Teylor: 'The Instruction of a Mistress' [Poem]: 15-20

Alan Brownjohn: 'Profile 6: Anthony Powell': 21-28

Mary-Kay Wilmers: 'Report' [On Scientology]: 29-40

Lorna Sage: 'Flann O'Brien' [Fiction]: 41-45

Richard Murphy: 'Sunup', 'Jurors', 'Granite Globe', 'Double Negative', 'Lullaby', 'Stormpetrel', 'Travelling Man' [Poems]: 46-48

Christopher Ricks: 'Shocks and Pacifiers' [Opinion Essay]: 49-54

Shiva Naipaul: 'Mr Sookhoo and the Carol Singers' [Fiction]: 55-59

Gavin Ewart: 'Rain -- No Play' [Poem]: 60

Douglas Dunn: 'Socialist Nature' [Poem]: 61

David Rokeah: 'I Am Like A Book', 'My Prayer' [Poems, translated by Robert Mezey]: 62

Clive James: 'Prisoners of Clarity -- 2: Eric Ambler' [Essay]: 63-69

A. Alvarez: 'The Gulag Archipelago' [Rev. of The Gulag Archipelago, by Alexander Solzhenitsyn]: 71-74

'Out with It' [Rev. of Lord Rochester's Monkey, by Graham Greene; The Benevolence of Laughter, by David Farley-Hills]: 74-76

Douglas Dunn: 'Sounds Good' [Rev. of Duke Ellington: Music Is My Mistress, by W. H. Allen]: 76-78

Bernard Bergonzi: 'See You Later' [Rev. of Great Tom: Notes Towards the Definition of T. S. Eliot, by T. S. Matthews]: 78-79

'Nemo's Page' [Competition]: 80

Vol. 1, No. 7 (October 1974)
The New Review, no. 7 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

'Greek Street W 1': 3-4

Richard Condon: 'The Star-Spangled Crunch' [Excerpt from novel]: 5-22

John Mander: 'Ghosts of Petersburg' [Consisting of the following poems: 'Pieter', 'A Tsar's Travels', 'Potemkin's Villages', 'Dostoevsky Speaks', 'Resputin', 'Citizen Nicholas Romanov', 'Walking Distance']: 23-30

Lorna Sage: 'Profile 7 -- John Fowles': 31-37

John Fuller: 'Nant Gwrtheyrn', 'Sleeping Out At Gallt-y-Ceiliog', 'Morning', 'Dug Buttons and Plates', 'Voices and Eyes' [Poems]: 38-40

Norman Bromberger: 'South African Journal' [Essay]: 41-56

Clive James: 'Bitter Seeds' [Opinion Essay]: 57-61

Michael Longley: 'The Swim', 'Belladonna', 'Man Lying on a Wall', 'Weather', 'Flora' [Poems]: 62-64

Brian Aldiss: 'sf' [On science fiction publications]: 65-67

Letters: 68-69

John Carey: 'Seer Sucker' [Rev. of Aldous Huxley: A Biography, Vol. 2: 1939-1963, by Sybille Bedford]: 71-72

Naomi Lewis: 'Bang to Rights' [Rev. of The Life and Death of Mary Wollstonecraft, by Claire Tomalin]: 72-75

D. A. N. Jones: 'On Duty' [Rev. of Robert Louis Stevenson, by James Pope-Hennessy]: 75-76

John Fuller: 'Footnotes' [Rev. of Thank You, Fog, by W. H. Auden]: 76-78

Nicholas Brooke: 'Recent Verse' [Rev. of Eight Sections, by William Radice; The Memoirs of Uncle Harry, by Tony Connor; Correspondences, by Anne Stevenson; Travelling Behind Glass: Selected Poems, by Anne Stevenson]: 78-79

'Nemo's Page' [Competition]: 80

Vol. 1, No. 8 (November 1974)
The New Review, no. 8 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

'Greek Street W 1': 3

J. P. Stern: 'The Man without Ideology' [Essay]: 5-13

Molly Holden: 'Randan Foxes', 'Court and Commons', 'Cumulus Castellatus' [Poems]: 14-16

C. J. Driver: 'Profile 8 -- Doris Lessing': 17-23

Andrew Motion: 'Over the Hills', 'In the Attic', 'Fruit Trees' [Poems]: 24-25

Anne Stevenson: 'North Sea off Carnoustie' [Poem]: 25

Simon Gray: 'Two Sundays' [Play]: 27-38

Ian Hamilton: 'The Little Magazines -- 3: Poetry in Porkopolis' [Essay on Harriet Monroe's Poetry]: 39-47

Raymond Queneau: 'A Story for All Tastes' [Fiction; Translated by John Sturrock]: 48-49

Bernard Bergonzi: 'Who Are You?' [Opinion Essay]: 50-54

Lucian Blaga: 'The Soul of the Village', 'Perspective' [Poems]: 55

Francis Fytton: 'Dark Lady' [Fiction]: 56-63

Gavin Ewart: 'Just a Smack at', 'The Blurb', 'To Lord Byron' [Poems]: 64-65

Julian Symons: 'Criminal Activities' [On crime fiction]: 66-68

John Bayley: 'Daddy's Boy' [Rev. of Shelley: The Pursuit, by Richard Holmes; Shelley: The Golden Years, by Kenneth Neill Cameron]: 69-72

Jane Miller: 'New Stories' [Rev. of A Crown of Feathers, by Isaac Bashevis Singer; Stories of Five Decades, by Hermann Hesse; Fireworks: 9 Profane Pieces, by Angela Carter; The Camberwell Beauty, by V. S. Pritchett; Marriages and Infidelities, by Joyce Carol Oates; The Poet's Story, edited by Howard Moss]: 72-74

Jonathan Raban: 'Snapping Turtles' [Rev. of My Life as a Man, by Philip Roth]: 75-76

D. A. N. Jones: 'In Their Enclaves' [Rev. of In Their Wisdom, by C. P. Snow]: 76

David Harsent: 'Washed Up' [Rev. of Except You're A Bird and The Stirk of Stirk, by Peter Tinniswood]: 77-79

'Nemo's Page' [Competition]: 80

Vol. 1, No. 9 (December 1974)
The New Review, no. 9 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Ian Hamilton: 'The Little Magazines -- 4: Styles of Despair' [On Cyril Connolly's Horizon]: 3-9

Tadeusz Rózewicz: 'Thorn', 'Wood', 'New Comparisons', 'It's so Hidden', 'Warmth' [Poems]: 10-13

Ronald Hayman: 'Profile 9 -- Tom Stoppard': 15-22

Paul Theroux: 'Real Murder on the Orient Express' [Fiction]: 23-32

T. Carmi: 'Her Death' [Poem; Trans. by Zvi Jagendorf]: 33

A. Alvarez: 'Rain', 'He Said, She Said' [Poems]: 34-35

Susannah Amoore: 'Long Sight' [Poem]: 36

J. P. Stern: 'The Law of the Trial' [Essay in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of Franz Kafka's death]: 37-44

Ian McEwan: 'Butterflies' [Fiction]: 45-51

Naomi Lewis: 'Nasties in the Nursery' [Opinion essay]: 52-58

Keith Walker: 'Thanks for Everything' [Rev. of Samuel Johnson, by John Wain]: 59-61

Bernard Crick: 'Lost Illusions' [Rev. of Orwell and the Left, by Alex Zwerdling]: 61-64

Martin Amis: 'Catcher in the Sty' [Rev. of Something Happened, by Joseph Heller]: 64-65

Peter Porter: 'Boom!' [Rev. of Letters of Puccini, selection revised and introduced by Mosco Carner]: 65-66

Colin Falck: 'Coming Through' [Rev. of Love or Nothing, by Douglas Dunn; The Way In, by Charles Tomlinson; The Shires, by Donald Davie; The World's Room, by Norman MacCaig; The Scenic Route, by Fleur Adcock]: 66-68

Edward Pygge Reports: 'Problems in Auden': 70-71

'Nemo's Page' [Competition]: 72

Letters: 72

Vol. 1, No. 10 (January 1975)
The New Review, no. 10 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

'Greek Street W 1': 3

John Carey: 'Down with Dons' [Essay]: 5-10

Hugo Williams: 'Lone Star', 'Bonfires' [Poems]: 11

Jonathan Culler: 'Linguistics' [Essay; One of three lectures on the subject of 'Modernism' given at the University of London]: 13-18

Anthony Quinton: 'Philosophy' [Essay; Lecture two]: 18-24

John Weightman: 'Literature' [Essay; Lecture three]: 24-29

Nadine Gordimer: 'A Lion on the Freeway' [Fiction]: 30-31

Peter Reading: 'Early Stuff' [Poem}: 32-33

Richard Boston: 'The Admirable Urquhart' [Essay]: 34-46

Roger Lewis: 'Captain America Meets the Bash St. Kids' [On comics]: 47-56

Seamus Heaney: 'Patrick Kavanagh' [Essay]: 57-62

Derek Mahon: 'C. P. Cavafy's Alexandria', 'Four Versions of Cavafy' [Poems]: 63-64

Stephen Spender: 'Incomparable Destiny' [Rev. of Cavafy: A Critical Biography, by Robert Liddell; Selected Poems, by Yannis Ritsos; A Poet's Journal, by George Seferis]: 65-68

Roy Fuller: 'Beacon in the Tempest' [Rev. of The Letters of J. R. Ackerley, edited by Neville Braybrooke]: 68-69

Bernard Bergonzi: 'Heating It Up' [Rev. of H. G. Wells and Rebecca West, by Gordon N. Ray]: 69-70

Keith Walker: 'Recruiting from the Past' [Rev. of Reader, I Married Him, by Patricia Beer]: 70-71

'Nemo's Page' [Competition]: 72

Vol. 1, No. 11 (February 1975)
The New Review, no. 11 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Edna Longley: 'Edward Thomas and the "English" Line' [Essay]: 3-11

John Montague: 'A Graveyard in Queens' [Poem]: 12-14

Simon Gray: 'Plaintiffs and Defendants' [Play]: 14-24

Margaret Drabble: 'Profile 10 -- Arnold Wesker': 25-46

Glyn Hughes: 'The Pause' [Poem]: 47

Simon Jacobson: 'Chelsea Rule -- O.K.' [On football hooligans' songs and chants]: 48-53

David Lodge: 'A Despatch from the Front' [Opinion Essay]: 54-60

Letters: 61-62

Roger Garfitt: 'Silent Traveller' [Rev. of The Leavetaking, by John McGahern]: 63-65

Malcolm Bradbury: 'Donswapping' [Rev. of Changing Places, by David Lodge]: 65-66

John Sturrock: 'Metropolitan Muse' [Rev. of Invisible Cities, by Italo Calvino]: 66

Jane Miller: 'Showman' [Rev. of Female Friends, Fay Weldon; The Bridge of Beyond, by Simone Schwarz-Bart; Dear Michael, by Natalia Ginzburg; Shadow of the Sun, by Mai Zetterling]: 66-68

Terry Eagleton: 'Back to Back' [Rev. of The Black Rainbow: Essays on the Present Breakdown of Culture, edited by Peter Abbs]: 68-69

Colin Falck: 'Leaving Something Behind' [Rev. of High Island, by Richard Murphy; Living Room, by Andrew Waterman; For Mad Mary, by Brian Jones; For the Municipality's Elderly, by Peter Reading; Red Earth, by David Rokeah; Angles and Circles, by Geoffrey Grigson]: 69-71

'Adrian's Diary': 72

Vol. 1, No. 12 (March 1975)
The New Review, no. 12 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Frederick Busch: 'George Dolby or The Cannibal Sheep' [Fiction]: 3-13

Ronald Hayman: 'The Little Magazines - 5' [Essay on The Calendar of Modern Letters]: 14-19

Malcolm Bradbury: 'Last Things' [Fiction]: 20-21

John Fuller: 'Fire on the Beach' [Poem]: 22

Douglas Dunn: 'Profile 11 -- John Hawkes': 23-28

Jonathan Raban: 'The Water Baby' [Play]: 29-36

Eric Homberger: 'How Not to Choose' [On Louis MacNeice]: 37-45

David Harsent: 'Fishbowl' [Poem]: 46-47

Joseph Hansen: 'The Fag as Pop Art Target' [Opinion essay]: 48-52

Julian Symons: 'Criminal Activities' [On crime fiction]: 52-53

Julian Cooper: 'Aircraft', 'Tea with Mr Eliot' [Poems]: 54

Letters [From David Lodge, Michael Horovitz, and others]: 55-59

'Nemo's Page' [Competition]: 60

John Sturrock: 'Homo Significans' [Rev. of Structuralist Poetics, by Jonathan Culler]: 61-62

Bernard Bergonzi: 'Make It Mine' [Rev. of Fellow Teachers, by Philip Rieff]: 62-64

Paul Overy: 'Ghettoes in the Sky' [Rev. of Le Corbusier, by Stephen Gardiner]: 64-65

Robert Melville: 'Palmer Pursued' [Rev. of Samuel Palmer, A Biography, by Raymond Lister; Samuel Palmer, by James Sellers]: 65-67

Yolanta May: 'Growing Pains' [Rev. of Anyway, This Particular Sunday, by Jennifer Fitzwilliam; The Last of the Country House Murders, by Emma Tennant; The Transformation, by George MacBeth]: 67

Martin Amis: 'Television': 68-69

Rudolph Regulus: 'Pop': 69-71

'Adrian's Diary': 72

Vol. 2, No. 13 (April 1975)
The New Review, no. 13 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Harold Pinter: 'No Man's Land' [Play]: 3-18

Florence Chanock Cohen: 'One Rose for Yuri' [Essay]: 19-22

Donald Hope: '269 Rotta e l'alta Colonna e 'l verde Lauro', '292 Gli occhi di ch'io parlay si caldamente' [Poems; Sonnets from Petrarch]: 23

Brian Aldiss: 'Astounding Pix' [Essay; Based on the introduction to Aldiss's book SF Pics]: 24-33

Douglas Dunn: 'Our Lady of Coincidence' [Poem]: 34-35

Andrew Waterman: 'Reading Habit' [Poem]: 36

Jeremy Brooks: 'A Value' [Fiction]: 37-48

Christopher Pilling: 'Notonecta glauca', 'Bombus terrestris', 'Arge ustulata' [Poems]: 49

Balfour Brown: 'Weeping Ash', 'Loudspeaker' [Poems]: 50

Robert Conquest: 'The Poetics of Procrustes' [Opinion essay]: 51-55

Roy Fuller: 'Trilling at 70' [Rev. of The Middle of the Journey, by Lionel Trilling]: 57-59

John Carey: 'Inferior Soap' [Rev. of W. H. Auden: A Tribute, edited by Stephen Spender]: 59-61

Lorna Sage: 'Mirror, Mirror' [Rev. of Look at the Harlequins!, by Vladimir Nabokov; Nabokov's Dark Cinema, by Alfred Appel, Jr.]: 61-62

Michael Mason: 'Embroidery' [Rev. of The Book, The Ring and The Poet: A Bibliography of Robert Browning, by William Irvine and Park Honan]: 62-64

Terry Eagleton: 'Thinking Twice' [Rev. of Philosophy and the Novel, by Peter Jones]: 64-65

Letters: 66-67

Rudolph Regulus: 'Pop': 68-69

David Harsent: 'Television': 69-71

'Adrian's Diary': 72

Vol. 2, No. 14 (May 1975)
The New Review, no. 14 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

'Philip Roth in Conversation with Joyce Carol Oates' [Interview]: 3-7

Fleur Adcock: 'Future Work', 'A Walk in the Snow' [Poems]: 8-9

Patricia Hale: 'A Trial in Trinidad' [Essay]: 10-26

James Brockway: 'Towards a Psychopathology of Everyday Translation' [Essay]: 27-29

Thomas Hinde: 'How I Loved Her' [Fiction]: 30-36

Patrick McCarthy: 'Céline During the Occupation' [Essay]: 37-54

F. W. Bateson: 'Is Your Structuralism Really Necessary?' [Opinion Essay]: 55-58

Letters [From David Lodge, Julian Symons, and others]: 59-62

Samuel Jay Keyser: 'The Steely Trimmers Strike Again' [Rev. of After Babel: Aspects of Language and Translation, by George Steiner]: 63-66

David Lodge: 'The New Journalism?' [Rev. of The New Journalism, by Tom Wolfe]: 67-71

'Nemo's Page' [Competition]: 72

Vol. 2, No. 15 (June 1975)
The New Review, no. 15 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Peter Conrad: 'Teachers' Pay' [Essay in response to John Carey's 'Down with Dons', TNR, Vol. 1, No. 10 (January 1975)]: 3-7

Douglas Dunn: 'Morning Song', 'Receiving a Letter' [Poems]: 8

Alison Lurie: 'The Life and Death of Bunny Lang' [Memoir]: 9-33

William Trevor: 'In Isfahan' [Fiction]: 35-42

Melvyn Bragg: 'Profile 12 -- Isaac Bashevis Singer': 43-52

G. S. Fraser: 'The Poet in the Pub' [Opinion essay]: 53-57

D. A. N. Jones: 'Theatre': 58-60

Rudolph Regulus: 'Pop': 60-62

David Harsent: 'Television': 62-63

Letters [From Edward Mendelson, John Sturrock, and Gavin Ewart]: 64

A. S. Byatt: 'Give me the moonlight, Give me the girl . . .' [Rev. of The Lesbian Body, by Monique Wittig, trans. by David Le Vay]: 65-67

Bernard Bergonzi: 'Little by Little' [Rev. of Victory in Limbo: Imagism 1908-1917, by J. B. Harmer; The Poetry of Richard Aldington, by Norman T. Gates]: 67-68

Colin Falck: 'Next to Nature' [Rev. of The Country Over, by Molly Holden; Gloves to the Hangman, by Ted Walker; The Gulf, by Derek Walcott; Prehistories, by Peter Scupham; The Notebooks of Robinson Crusoe, by Iain Crichton Smith; Poems 1955-1973, by Ronald Bottrall; Out of My Time, by John Hewitt]: 68-70

Roger Garfitt: 'Dressing Up' [Rev. of Women in the Wall, by Julia O'Faolain]: 70-71

'Adrian's Diary': 72

Vol. 2, No. 16 (July 1975)
The New Review, no. 16 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Conor Cruise O'Brien: 'An Unhealthy Intersection' [Essay]: 3-8

Wes Magee: The Pig Poems 'Fairy Tale', 'The Pig Re-habilitation Centre', 'Dark Moment', 'Vet', 'Boar Ride', 'Pig Farm Supreme' [Poems]: 9-14

Erich Heller: 'Thomas Mann in Venice' [Essay]: 15-20

Michael McNay: 'Painters Talking -- 1: Richard Hamilton': 21-28

Jane Miller: 'Tell Him, Miss' [Opinion essay]: 29-33

Julian Symons: 'Criminal Activities' [On crime fiction]: 34-36

Alan Brownjohn: 'A Love Song' [Play]: 37-44

Anne Leaton: 'Little Pictures' [Fiction]: 45-53

Letters [From George Steiner and John Carey]: 54-55

Michael Mason: 'Cinema': 56-57

D. A. N. Jones: 'Theatre': 58-60

David Harsent: 'Television': 60-62

Peter Conrad: 'Look at Us' [Rev. of Myron and Collected Essays, by Gore Vidal; Wampeters Foma & Granfalloons (Opinions), by Kurt Vonnegut]: 63-66

Craig Raine: 'Another Story' [Rev. of Kipling: The Glass, the Shadow and the Fire, by Philip Mason]: 66-68

John Sturrock: 'Hoping for the Worst' [Rev. of Céline, by Patrick McCarthy]: 68-70

Colin Falck: 'Don't Look Down' [Rev. of Some Sweet Day, by Hugo Williams]: 70-71

'Nemo's Page' [Competition]: 72

Vol. 2, No. 17 (August 1975)
The New Review, no. 17 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Hans Keller: 'Prague Diary' [Non-fiction, with illustrations by Milein Cosman]: 3-13

Gavin Ewart: 'Madarin Note / Favouring Bourgeois Formalism', 'Sonnet: At the Villa Madeira' [Poems]: 14-15

Michael Longley: 'Company' [Poem]: 16

Brian Finney: 'Profile 13 -- Christopher Isherwood': 17-24

James Tucker: 'A Guide to A Dance to the Music of Time' [Guide to Anthony Powell's sequence]: 25-37

Kevin Crossley-Holland: 'Fortification' [Poem]: 38

Alan Sillitoe: 'The Devil's Almanack' [Fiction]: 39-42

Anne Stevenson: 'Is the Emperor of Ice Cream Wearing Clothes?' [Opinion essay]: 43-49

D. A. N. Jones: 'Theatre': 50-52

David Harsent: 'Television': 52-53

Letters: 54-55

C. J. Driver: 'Teaching Them to Read' [Rev. of Stories for Today, by Carol Bergman; June's Work. Rescue at Night. The Big Game, by Peter Abbs]: 56-60

Colin Falck: 'Straying to the Savage' [Rev. of North, by Seamus Heaney; Sons of My Skin: Selected Poems 1954-1974, by Peter Redgrove; In the Hours Waiting for the Blood to Come, by George MacBeth; The Death Notebooks, by Anne Sexton; Open Sea, by Alan Ross; Broad Autumn, by Jack Clemo]: 61-63

Keith Walker: 'Did He Really?' [Rev. of 'Wedlock's the Devil': Byron's Letters and Journals, Volume 4, 1814-1815, edited by Leslie A. Marchand; Byron and the Honourable Augusta Leigh, by John S. Chapman; Lord Byron's Family: Annabella, Ada and Augusta, 1815-1824, by Malcolm Elwin, edited by Peter Thomson]: 63-64

Vol. 2, No. 18 (September 1975)
The New Review, no. 18 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

John Sutherland: 'Hard Times for the Novel' [Essay]: 3-10

Robert Lowell: 'Cypress Street Brookline', 'Natural Death of a Critic', 'Our Afterlife', 'In the Ward', 'To Frank Parker' [Five poems]: 11-16

Ian McEwan: 'In Between the Sheets' [Fiction]: 17-22

Norman Bromberger: 'South African Journal -- II': 23-33

Osip Mandelstam: 'Eight Poems' [Trans. by James Greene]: 34-36

Francis King: 'A Nice Way to Go' [Fiction]: 37-41

Hugo Williams: 'The Breeding of Dr Feelgood' [On music]: 43-52

Saul Bellow: 'An Interview with Myself': 53-56

Ernest Bornemann: 'Letter from Vienna': 57-58

Stuart Hampshire: 'The Reith Diaries' [Rev. of The Reith Diaries, edited by Charles Stuart]: 59-60

Roy Fuller: 'Looking and Listening' [Rev. of Vision and Resonance: Two Senses of Poetic Form, by John Hollander]: 60-61, 63

James Tucker: 'The Music of Time' [Rev. of Hearing Secret Harmonies, by Anthony Powell]: 63-64

Vol. 2, No. 19 (October 1975)
The New Review, no. 19 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Richard Hayman: 'Leavis at 80 -- A Biography': 3-24

Leonardo Sciascia: 'The Examination' [Fiction; Trans. By P. N. Furbank]: 25-28

Hans Keller: 'Psycho-Analytic Congress 1975' [Essay]: 29-43

John McGahern: 'Faith, Hope and Charity' [Fiction]: 44-46

D. A. N. Jones: 'Profile 14: Brian Moore': 47-50

Jonathan Raban: 'Living with Loose Ends' [Opinion essay]: 51-46

John Stonehouse: 'Why Nixon Fell' [Rev. of Breach of Faith: The Fall of Richard Nixon, by Theodore H. White]: 57-60

David Daiches: 'The Double Life of Henry Cockburn' [Rev. of Cockburn's Millennium, by Karl Miller]: 60-61

Brian Way: 'Portrait of the Artist as an Old . . .' [Rev. of Humbolt's Gift, by Saul Bellow]: 61-63

William Walsh: 'Unhealing Powers' [Rev. of Guerrillas, by V. S. Naipaul]: 64-65

Stephen Wall: 'Cunning Stunts' [Rev. of Dead Babies, by Martin Amis]: 65-66

Jane Miller: 'New Novels' [Rev. of The Realms of Gold, by Margaret Drabble; The Shadow Knows, by Diane Johnson; Looking for Mr Goodbar, by Judith Rossner; Sweet William, by Beryl Bainbridge; Don't Call It Love, by Helen Muir]: 66-67

Michael Mason: 'Cinema': 68-70

D. A. N. Jones: 'Theatre': 70-71

Greg Bright: 'The Hexagonal One' [Maze]: 72

Vol. 2, No. 20 (November 1975)
The New Review, no. 20 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

David Lodge: 'Habits of a Lifetime' [Rev. of Evelyn Waugh: A Biography, by Christopher Sykes]: 3-7

Simon Gray: 'Dog Days' [Play]: 8-33

A. Alvarez: 'Angels in Italy', 'Summertime', 'Autumnal' [Poems]: 34-36

Patricia Hale: 'Beyond the Pale' [On the National Front]: 37-42

Julia O'Faolain: 'The Nanny and the Antique Dealer' [Fiction]: 43-52

William Stafford: 'A Dream of My Life', 'Writing the World', 'Some Evening', 'Hall of the Mountain King' [Poems]: 53-54

'Joseph Heller in Conversation with Martin Amis' [Interview]: 55-56, 58-59

Letters [From Peter Abbs and Glyn Hughes]: 60

Lord Goodman: 'Lore and Order' [Rev. of The Door Wherein I Went, by Lord Hailsham]: 61-62

Simon Raven: 'Not So Fast' [Rev. of The Interpreter's House: A Critical Assessment of the Work of John Buchan, by David Daniell]: 62-63

Douglas Hewitt: 'Tell-tale Signs' [Rev. of Tellers and Listeners: The Narrative Imagination, by Barbara Hardy]: 63-64

Bernard Bergonzi: 'Hello Again' [Rev. of The Poetry of the Thirties, by A. T. Tolley]: 64-66

Jonathan Cooke: 'Inside Story' [Rev. of Letters from Prison, by Antonio Gramsci, selected and translated by Lynne Lawler]: 66-68

Ian Fletcher: '[Untitled]' [Review of Max and Will: Beerbohm and William Rothenstein: Their Friendship in Letters, edited by Mary M. Lago and Karl Beckson]: 68-70

Mark Glazebrook: 'The Monkish Elf from Birmingham' [Rev. of Edward Burne-Jones: A Biography, by Penelope Fitzgerald]: 70-71

Victor Sage: 'Unbalanced' [Rev. of Two Decades of Irish Writing, edited by Douglas Dunn]: 71-72

Vol. 2, No. 21 (December 1975)
The New Review, no. 21 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Xandra Gowrie: 'Public Lending Rights: A Symposium' [Gowrie presents a symposium of opinions on the subject. Contributors include: Tony Aldous, Malcolm Cormack, Cecil Gould, Timothy Hilton, Ken Baynes, Dannie Abse, Brian Aldiss, A. Alvarez, Kingsley Amis, Fleur Adcock, Maurice Ashley, A. J. Ayer, Robert Lusty, Richard Hough, E. W. Swanton, Lord Hailsham, A. J. P. Taylor, Desmond Bagley, Bernard Bergonzi, Jeremy Brooks, Melvyn Bragg, David Caute, David Cecil, Montague Haltrecht, Ronald W. Clark, Nina Epton, Andrew Sinclair, Alec Nisbett, C. P. Snow, Barbara Cartland, Douglas Dunn, Margaret Drabble, Robert Hilliard, Robin Denniston, Sir John Brown, Eric Rhode, Donald Mitchell, Geoffrey Norris, John Coleby, Dick Francis, Peter Jay, J. G. Ballard, Edward Hyams, Dinah Brook, Stanley Middleton, Tom Stacey, Simon Raven, Peter Phelan, David Holbrook, Roy Fuller, Charles Osborne, Phillip Knightley, Warren Tute, Dan Jacobson, Philip Larkin, Victor Menzies, Martyn Goff, John McGahern, Jan Morris, Jonathan Miller, Charles Monteith, Patricia Beer, Clive James, John Fuller, Peter Porter, Alan Brownjohn, T. G. Rosenthal, H. R. Keating, Edna O'Brien, Baroness Lee, David Butler, Richard Hyman, Dennis Kavanagh, David Murphy, Andrew Shonfield, Frank Stacey, Lord Goodman, Colin Haycraft, Graham C. Greene, Jonathan Raban, Shiva Naipaul, Ruth Adam, Quentin Bell, Roger Graef, Nigel Calder, H. J. Eysenck, R. G. David-Poynter, Maureen Duffy, Brigid Brophy, Paul Theroux, Lord Paget, Ludovic Kennedy, Hugh Montefiore, David Mason, C. J. M. Hardie, Rt. Hon. Hugh Jenkins]: 3-40

Konstanty Ildefons Galczynski: 'The Little Theatre of the Green Goose' [Plays]: 41-44

Jim Crace: ' "Helter Skelter, Hang Sorrow, Care'll Kill a Cat" ' [Fiction]: 45-49

Douglas Dunn: 'The Watches of Grandfathers', 'She Climbs a Hill in Awkward Boots', 'Night Song' [Poems]: 50-51

George MacBeth: 'The Pandas' [Poem]: 52

Yolanta May: '[Untitled]' [Interview with Book Prize winner Ruth Prawler Jhabvala]: 53-57

Christopher Reid: 'A Valve Against Fornication' [Poem]: 58

David Wiggins: 'Reflections on the Train' [Opinion essay]: 59-61

Letters [From Charles Osborne, Karl Miller, and Ben Whitaker]: 62

David Pears: 'Russell's Life' [Rev. of The Life of Bertrand Russell, by Ronald W. Clark]: 63-66

Victor Sage: 'Balancing the Books' [Rev. of Reading Myself and Others, by Philip Roth]: 66-67

A. S. Byatt: 'Bible Reading' [Rev. of 'Kubla Khan' and the Fall of Jerusalem: The Mythological School in Biblical Criticism and Secular Literature, 1770-1880, by E. S. Shaffer]: 67-69

Ian Davidson: 'The Verdi Revival' [Music review]: 70-73

Vol. 2, No. 22 (January 1976)
The New Review, no. 22 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Harold Evans: 'The Half-Free Press: A Report on Retrogression': 3-6

Gary Willis: 'After Communion' [Poem]: 7-9

Patricia Highsmith: 'The Network' [Fiction]: 11-16

Jonathan Raban: 'A Nice Family Christmas' [Fiction]: 17-31

Anne Stevenson: 'Colours', 'Respectable House' [Poems]: 32

Mark Krupnick: ' "He Never Learned to Swim" ' [On Modern Occasions]: 33-39

Neil Rennie: 'The Cargo' [Poem]: 40

Barbara Lucas: 'Roman Spring, 1940' [Non-Fiction; Diary extracts]: 41-51

David Harsent: '[Untitled]' [Interview with Irwin Shaw]: 52-56

Frank Kermode: 'Those Were the Days' [Rev. of Ragtime, by E. L. Doctorow]: 57-59

Germaine Greer: 'What is Rape?' [Rev. of Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape, by Susan Brownmiller]: 60-61

John Stonehouse: 'The Entry of the Diarists' [Rev. of The Cecil King Diary 1970-1974, by Cecil King; The Diaries of a Cabinet Minister, Vol. 1, Minister of Houseing 1964-66, by Richard Crossman]: 62-64

Samuel Jay Keyser: 'Delta Minus' [Rev. of The New Grammarians' Funeral: A Critique of Noam Chomsky, by Ian Robinson]: 64-66

George Craig: 'Party Hack' [Rev. of The History Man, by Malcolm Bradbury]: 66-67

Martin S. Dworkin: 'In the Teeth of Jaws' [On sharks and Edgartown, the whaling port in Massachusetts where Jaws was made]: 68-70

James Price: 'Cinema' [On the London Film Festival]: 71-72

Vol. 2, No. 23 (February 1976)
The New Review, no. 23 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Jean-Loup Bourget: 'The Languages of the Revolution' [Opinion essay]: 3-6

Miroslav Holub: 'Interview with a Poet', 'Brief Reflections about a Fence', 'Brief Reflection on Exactness' [Poems]: 7-9

Gerard Vaders: 'Strangers on a Train: The Diary of a Hostage' [Trans. By John Rudge and Ochrid Hogen Esch]: 10-25

Harold Pinter: 'Later' [Poem]: 26

Edna O'Brien: 'An Irish Childhood': 27-36

Andrew Motion: 'Inland' [Includes poems 'Evensong', 'A View From The Porch', 'Walking Home', 'Home', 'High Tide', 'Arrival', 'Disembarkation', 'An Ultimatum', 'An Appeal Refused', 'Jesse Sease', 'In The New Village', 'Breaking Ground', 'Visiting the Old House', 'A Last Look', 'Leaving']: 37-44

Ian McEwan: 'Pornography' [Fiction]: 45-50

Peter Reading: 'Correspondence' [Poem]: 51-52

Lord Goodman: 'The Crossman Case': 53-55

Letters [From Auberon Waugh, Graham Greene, and others]: 56

John Carey: 'Look, Two Hands!' [Rev. of The Sound of Two Hands Clapping, by Kenneth Tynan]: 57-59

Bernard Crick: 'Styles of Dissent' [Rev. of New Portugese Letters, by Maria Isael Barrendo, Maria Teresa Horta, Maria Velho Da Costa; Dissent in the U.S.S.R., edited by Rudolf L. Tökés; Diary of a Chilean Concentration Camp, by Hernan Valdes; Parts of a Lifetime, by Milovan Djilas, edited by Michael and Deborah Milenkovitch]: 59-62

Richard Wollheim: 'You Think I See' [Rev. of Art on the Edge, by Harold Rosenberg]: 62-64

Colin Falck: 'From the Joke Shop' [Rev. of Collected Poems, Stevie Smith; From the Joke Shop, by Roy Fuller; Sad Ires, by D. J. Enright; A Song of Good Life, by Alan Brownjohn; Be My Guest!, by Gavin Ewart; The Apeman Cometh, by Adrian Mitchell; The Best of Henri, by Adrian Henri]: 64-66

Stewart Trotter: 'Teacher's Pet' [Rev. of Jane Austen and Education, by D. D. Devlin]: 66-67

David Craig: 'Criminal Activities' [On crime fiction]: 68-69

Petru Popescu: 'Romanian Report: The Arts and the Monarchic Revolution': 70-72

Vol. 2, No. 24 (March 1976)
The New Review, no. 24 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

'The Bombings: Four Views' [Responses to the question 'Does a Political Cause Ever Give Us the Right to Kill?' by David Caute, Stuart Hampshire, E. J. Hobsbawm, and Conor Cruise O'Brien]: 3-10

Peter Taylor: 'Three Heroines' [Fiction]: 11-15

Dannie Abse: 'The Weeping' [Poem]: 16

Hans Keller: 'Music 1975' [Essay]: 17-53

Peter Porter: 'Under New Management', 'My Old Cat Dances', 'The Boccherini Music Camp', 'Evensong' [Poems]: 54-57

Susannah Amoore: 'An Upstairs Kitchen' [Poem]: 58

Gore Vidal: 'The Candidates' [Interview]: 59-64

John Sturrock: 'Anatomy of a Dictator' [Rev. of Reasons of State, by Alejo Carpentier, trans. By Frances Partridge]: 65-67

Terry Eagleton: 'Words, Words, Words . . .' [Rev. of Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society, by Raymond Williams]: 67-69

Craig Raine: 'More Times Than Life' [Rev. of Samuel Johnson and His World, by Margaret Lane]: 69-71

Letters: 72

Vol. 3, No. 25 (April 1976)
The New Review, no. 25 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Andre Brink: 'The Breytenbach File' [Essay]: 3-8

Tadeusz Rózewicz in Conversation with Adam Czerniawski [Interview with poems 'At the Same Time', 'Grass', 'Laughter', 'The Door']: 9-16

Tadeusz Rózewicz: 'On the Surface and Inside a Poem' [Poem]: 17-18

Mary-Kay Wilmers: 'Civis Britannicus Fuit' [Essay on The Times' obituary column]: 19-25

David Harsent: 'Dreams of the Dead' [Poem]: 26-35

Victor Bockris: 'Information about the Operation: A Portrait of William Burroughs': 37-46

Jim Crace: 'Cross-Country' [Fiction]: 47-52

Colin Falck: 'A Small Salient Gained: Alun Lewis and Twentieth-Century Romanticism' [Essay]: 53-59

Letters: 60-62

E. S. Shaffer: 'Wills and Testaments' [Rev. of Poetry and Repression: Revisionism from Blake to Stevens, by Harold Bloom]: 63-66

Leon Pompa: 'What Were They Thinking of?' [Rev. of Vico and Herder: Two Studies in the History of Ideas, by Isaiah Berlin]: 66-68

John Sturrock: 'Here and There' [Rev. of Imagination, by Mary Warnock]: 68-69

Lorna Sage: 'On the Way Out' [Rev. of The Edge of Impossibility: Tragic Forms in Literature and New Heaven, New Earth: The Visionary Experience in Literature, by Joyce Carol Oates]: 69-71

Peter Fuller: 'Uncertain Smile' [Rev. of Mona Lisa: The Picture and the Myth, by Roy McMullen; The Private Life of Mona Lisa, by Pierre La Mure]: 71-72

Vol. 3, No. 26 (May 1976)
The New Review, no. 26 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Karl Miller: 'Are You Distraining Me?' [On jazz musician Sandy Brown]: 3-8

Anthony Thwaite: 'At the Indus', 'Thomas' [Poems]: 9-10

James Fox: 'A Bad Day for Eton' [On the Lucan Saga, Chapter Two]; 11-26

Craig Raine: 'Nature Study' [Poem]: 27

Letters: 28-30

Dennis Potter: 'Dennis Potter and the BBC' [Extract from an article published in the New Statesman]: 30

Dennis Potter: 'Brimstone and Treacle' [Play]: 31-51

T. Carmi: 'Variations on Snow, 1973' [Poem]: 52

Harriet Rosenstein: 'Pure Gold Baby' [Rev. of Letters Home: Correspondence 1950-1963, by Sylvia Plath, edited by Aurelia Schober Plath; Sylvia Plath: Method and Madness, by Edward Butscher]: 53-57

Colin Falck: 'New Poetry' [Rev. of The Mountain in the Sea, by John Fuller; Living in a Calm Country, by Peter Porter; Driving West, by Patricia Beer; The Snow Party, by Derek Mahon; The Prison Cell & Barrel Mystery, by Peter Reading; Dialogues etc., by George Barker; Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics, edited by Alex Preminger, Frank J. Warnke and O. B. Hardison, Jr.]: 57-59

Anne Stevenson: 'Making Whoopee' [Rev. of The American Poetry Anthology, edited by Daniel Halpern]: 59-61

Elizabeth Sigmund: 'Sylvia, 1962' [Memoir]: 63-65

Ronald Hayman: 'Beckett's Godot' [On Samuel Beckett's recent German language production of Waiting for Godot]: 66-67

Jean-Loup Bourget: 'Letter from Paris' [On Bertrand Tavernier's Le Juge et L'Assassin and Truffaut]: 68-69

David Craig: 'Criminal Activities' [On crime fiction]: 70-72

Vol. 3, No. 27 (June 1976)
The New Review, no. 27 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Irvin Ehrenpreis: 'Destination America -- Some Bicentennial Reflections' [Essay]: 3-11

Alan Brownjohn: 'A Night in the Gazebo' [Poem]: 12-14

Natasha Spender: 'Raymond Chandler's Own Long Goodbye' [Essay]: 15-28

Yannis Ritsos: 'Behind the Cracks', 'Writing on a Door', 'Lime', 'Icy Hour', 'Weakening', 'Descending', 'At the Bottom', 'Unknown Debt' [Poems; Trans. by Nikos Stangos]: 29-30

Shena Mackay: 'Curry at the Laburnums' [Fiction]: 31-36

James Fenton and John Fuller: 'Poem Against Catholics' [Poem]: 37-38

F. S. Schwarzbach: 'Pynchon's Gravity' [On Thomas Pynchon's oeuvre]: 39-43

Colin Falck: 'Little Girl', 'Before the Light Breaks Through' [Poems]: 44

Xandra Gowrie and Jacob Epstein: 'The "Lost" Plays of Simon Gray, David Mercer, Peter Nichols, Alun Owen, Harold Pinter . . . And Many Others' [On what happens to a television play after it has aired]: 45-49

William Tucker: 'Confessions of a Formalist' [Essay]: 50-54

Phillip Whitehead: 'After the Fall' [Rev. of The Final Days, by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein]: 55-56

Andrew Motion: 'Bards' Army' [Rev. of Not Without Glory: Poets of the Second World War, by Vernon Scannell; Spirit Above Wars: A Study of the English Poetry of the Two World Wars, by A. Banerjee]: 56-58

Julia O'Faolain: 'New Stories' [Rev. of Passions and Other Stories, by Isaac Bashevis Singer; A Dove of the East and Other Stories, by Mark Helprin; The Sun's Net: Stories, by George Mackay Brown]: 58-60

Melvynn Bragg: '[Untitled]' [Interview with Robert Redford]: 61-66

J. P. Stern: 'An Unknown Quatrain by Rilke' [Essay]: 67-68
Letters: 68

Dave Gelly: 'Don't You Want to Be a Poet?' [On Chuck Berry]: 69-70

Russell Davies: 'Arte Inglese Oggi 1960-76' [On an exhibition of recent British paintings running in Milan]: 71-72

Vol. 3, No. 28 (July 1976)
The New Review, no. 28 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Geoffrey Barraclough: 'St. Arnold of Ampleforth' [On Arnold Toynbee]: 3-7

Stanley Plumly: 'Brothers and Sisters' [Poem]: 8

Margaret Gardiner: 'Auden: A Memoir': 9-19

Roger Mitchell: 'Seeing England', 'Homage to Beatrix Potter' [Poems]: 20-22

Slawomir Mrozek: 'Emigrés' [Play; Trans. By Maciej and Teresa Wrona with Robert Holman]: 23-44

Dan Jacobson: 'What's Eating Lara? (or Lord Byron's Guiltiest Secret)' [Essay]: 45-48

Tom Paulin: 'Monumental Mason', 'Firelight', 'States' [Poems]: 49-50

Roy Fuller: 'A Good Job We Were Young' [Rev. of The Auden Generation, by Samuel Hynes]: 51-52

Anthony Clare: 'A Bone to Pick' [Rev. of Freud and His Followers, by Paul Roazen]: 53-55

'Catholicities' [Rev. of Collected Poems 1955-1975, by Peter Levi; Man Lying on a Wall, by Michael Longley; Sea Grapes, by Derek Walcott; Separations, by Tony Flynn]: 55-56

Bernard Crick: '[Untitled]' [On the 'Young Writers of the Thirties' exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery]: 57-61

Jean-Loup Bourget: 'Letter from Paris' [On the Paris art exhibitions]: 62-63

Letters: 64

Vol. 3, No. 29 (August 1976)
The New Review, no. 29 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Thomas S. Szasz: 'Anti-Psychiatry: The Paradigm of the Plundered Mind' [Essay]: 3-14

John Rizkalla: 'To Mrs Bertram -- A Burial!' [Fiction]: 15-21

Michael Longley: 'Cornelia' [Poem]: 22-24

Peter Jay: 'How to Be an Ararchist' [Interview with Noam Chomsky]: 25-32

Hugo Williams: 'Once More with Feeling', 'Bar Italia', 'You Can't Get There From Here', 'Tides' [Poems]: 33-34

Isobel English: 'Meeting Point' [Play]: 35-42

John Webb: 'Buffalo Revisited' [Essay]: 43-48

Paul Foot: 'As It Happened' [Rev. of Revolutionaries in Modern Britain, by Peter Shipley]: 49-50

Yolanta May: 'Airs of Summer' [Rev. of Moths, by Rosalind Ashe; The Ecstasy of Dr Miriam Garner, by Elaine Feinstein; A Lavender Trip, by Sasha Moorsom; The Last Summer of the Men Shortage, by Geraldine Halls; Equinox, by Lorna Pegram]: 50-51

Arthur Crook: 'Clublands' [Rev. of A Man of The Times, by Iverach McDonald]: 51-52

Clive James: 'They Like It Here' [On Anthony Powell's sequence A Dance to the Music of Time]: 53-56

Ronald Hayman: '[Untitled]' [Interview with Howard Brenton]: 56-58

J. H. Huizinga: ' "Look Back" Looked Back On' [On Look Back in Anger and the Angry Young Man ballyhoo of 1956 literary London]: 59-62

Letters: 63-64

Vol. 3, No. 30 (September 1976)
The New Review, no. 30 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Hans Keller: 'Everything to Lose' [On the new soccer season]: 3-6

John Heffenden: 'Berryman in the Forties: A Biographical Passage/I' [Essay]: 7-15

Zbigniew Herbert: 'Why the Classics', 'Mr. Cogito's Thoughts on Hell', 'The Story of the Minotaur' [Poems; Trans. By Adam Czerniawski]: 16-17

Tony Flynn: 'When the Others Are Away', 'Her Room' [Poems]; 18

Martin Amis: 'It's Disgusting at Your Age' [Play]: 19-24

H. M. Jacobson: 'Starting Out' [Memoir]: 25-36

Fleur Adcock: 'The Soho Hospital for Women' [Poem]: 37-38

Julian O'Faolain: 'Oh My Monsters!' [Fiction]: 39-46

D. M. Thomas: 'Lorca' [Poem]: 47

Paul Hyland: 'Weir Road, SW12', 'Watering Place' [Poems]: 48

Yuri Brokhin: 'Soccer without a Ball' [Essay]: 49-57

Letters [From Clive James, Daniel Halpern, and others]: 58-60

John Sturrock: 'We're Having a Party' [Rev. of Malraux Life and Works, edited by Martine de Courcel]: 61-63

F. S. Schwarzbach: 'Recent Fiction' [Rev. of Figures in Bright Air, by David Plante; Come Home, Malcolm Heartland, by Andrew Salkey; The Day Before Sunrise, by Thomas Wiseman; Fong and the Indians, by Paul Theroux]: 63-65

David Craig: 'Criminal Activities' [On crime fiction]: 65-67

Russell Davis: 'TNR Sport 1': 68

Russell Davis: 'TNR Sport 2': 69

Russell Davis: 'TNR Sport 3': 70

Russell Davis: 'TNR Sport 4': 71

Russell Davis: 'TNR Sport 5': 72

Vol. 3, No. 31 (October 1976)
The New Review, no. 31 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Michael Davie: 'The Fleet Street Disaster' [Essay]: 3-7

Dennis Keene: 'Doors' [Poem]: 8

Anthony Haden-Guest: 'The Running Fence -- How Christo Wraps It Up' [Essay]: 9-18

William Trevor: 'Broken Homes' [Fiction]: 19-24

John Haffenden: 'Berryman in the Forties: A Biographical Passage/II' [Essay]: 25-34

Francis King: 'Voices' [Fiction]: 35-40

Clive Sinclair: 'Babylon Visited' [On American / British relations]: 41-51

M. L. Rosenthal: 'Variation on a Theme by Rilke', 'Riddle of the Swan', 'Bequest', 'Imagining you Leaving Tangier before a Storm' [Poems]: 52-53

Anne Stevenson: 'Early Rain' [Poem]: 53

Elizabeth Bartlett: 'W.E.A. Course' [Poem]: 54

Jonathan Raban: 'A Stranger in the World' [Rev. of The Diaries of Evelyn Waugh, edited by Michael Davie]: 55-58

Richard Osborne: 'Frontwoodsman' [Rev. of The Unanswered Question: Six Talks at Harvard, by Leonard Bernstein]: 58-60

Victor Sage: 'Out of Class' [Rev. of Saville, by David Storey]: 60-62

Victor Sage: '[Untitled]' [Interview with David Storey, whose new play Mother's Day opened at the Royal Court]: 63-65

Diana Davenport: 'The Malting House Summer' [On the background to The Death of the King's Canary, a spoof novel by John Davenport and Dylan Thomas]: 66-70

Michael Holroyd: 'The Irish' [Essay]: 71-72

Vol. 3, No. 32 (November 1976)
The New Review, no. 32 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

James Fenton: 'Mr Crossman's Dogsbody' [On The Diaries of a Cabinet Minister, Volume Two, by Richard Crossman]: 3-8

Ian McEwan: 'Reflections of a Kept Ape' [Fiction]: 9-13

Tony Flynn: 'Daughter', 'Memento' [Poems]: 14

Xandra Gowrie: 'The Crisis' [Interview with Lord Goodman]: 15-18

Cora Sandel: 'One Day in November' [Fiction; Trans. By Elizabeth Rokkan]: 19-22

Arnold Sable: 'Kibbutz Journal' [Non-Fiction]: 23-32

'Letters from Céline' [Trans. By Patrick McCarthy]: 33-36

Colin Falck: 'Uncertain Violence' [On the poetry of Thom Gunn]: 37-41

Douglas Dunn: 'Alice' [Poem]: 42

John Mole: 'Looking Like Rain' [Poem]: 42

Derek Mahon: 'Webs of Artifice' [On the novels of Brian Moore, including The Doctor's Wife]: 43-46

Lorna Sage: 'I Love My Shoes' [Rev. of The Female Imagination, by Patricia Meyer Spacks]: 46-48

Douglas Hewitt: 'Unreliable Sources?' [Rev. of The English Middle-Class Novel, by T. B. Tomlinson; The Novel of Adultery, by Judith Armstrong]: 48-50

Michael Davie: 'Pardon Me' [Rev. of The Company, by John Ehrlichman]: 50-51

Mary-Kay Wilmers: 'Some Must Cry' [Rev. of Sleep It Off Lady, by Jean Rhys]: 51-52

Christopher Reid: 'New Stories' [Rev. of Who Do You Think You Are?, by Malcolm Bradbury; Hard Feelings, by Francis King; The Yellow Meads of Asphodel, by H. E. Bates]: 52-53

Julian Barnes: 'Our Farter' [Rev. of Falstaff, by Robert Nye]: 53-54

Stephen Wall: 'Disparate Measures' [Rev. of Henry and Cato, by Iris Murdoch]: 54-55

'Iris Murdoch Talks to Stephen Glover' [Interview]: 56-59

John Whitehead: 'The Auden Gravy Train' [Essay]: 60-62

Jean-Loup Bourget: 'Art Nouveau in America' [Essay]: 63-64

'[Untitled]' [Interview with Adam Fergusson, author of When Money Dies, about inflation in the Weimar Republic after the First World War]: 65-66

Melvyn Bragg: '[Untitled]' [On his interview with Yevgeny Yevtushenko for BBC's Tonight programme]: 67-69

Letters: 70-72

Vol. 3, No. 33 (December 1976)
The New Review, no. 33 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Philip Toynbee: 'A Writer's Journey' [Non-Fiction]: 3-10

Bertolt Brecht: 'The Breadshop' [Play; Trans. By Eugene Schlusser and David Illingworth]: 11-23

Gavin Ewart: 'The Price of Things' [Poem]: 24

Anthony Clare: 'Anti-Psychiatry / An Alternative View' [Response to Thomas S. Szasz's article 'Anti-Psychiatry: The Paradigm of the Plundered Mind' (TNR, no. 29) and review of The Facts of Life, by R. D. Laing]: 25-30

Ian Hamilton: 'Going Public' [Interview with Clive James regarding his verse epics Peregrine Prykke's Pilgrimage and Britannia Bright's Bewilderment in the Wilderness of Westminster]: 31-37

Letters: 38

Malcolm Bradbury: 'I Want It Here' [Rev. of The Alteration and I Want It Now, by Kingsley Amis]: 39-41

Michael Burn: 'Stürm in a Teacup' [Rev. of Unity Mitford: A Quest, by David Pryce-Jones]: 41-42

Clive Irving: 'Tabloid Oracles' [Rev. of Walking on the Water, by Hugh Cudlipp]: 42-43

Ronald Hayman: 'I Think So' [Rev. of Artaud, by Martin Esslin]: 43-45

Richard Boston: 'You Name It' [Rev. of The Various Lives of Keats and Chapman and The Brother, by Myles Na Gopaleen (Flann O'Brien)]: 45-47

Gay Clifford: 'All in the Family' [Rev. of A Quiet Life, by Beryl Bainbridge]: 47-48

'Beryl Bainbridge Talks to Yolanta May' [Interview]: 48-52

Martin Stannard: 'Davie's Lamp' [On reviewers' reception of Michael Davie's recent edition of The Diaries of Evelyn Waugh]: 52-54

Guido Almansi: 'Letter from Rome': 55-57

Bernard Crick: 'The Royal Shakespeare Lear': 58-60

David Craig: 'Criminal Activities' [On crime fiction]: 61-62

Richard Wollheim: 'Opinion' [On whether society is becoming more divided]: 63-64

Vol. 3, Nos. 34/35 (January/February 1977)
The New Review, no. 34-35 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Hugh Trevor-Roper: 'The Anglo-Scottish Union' [Lecture delivered at University College London on 7 December, 1976]: 3-9

Robert Lowell: 'Domesday Book', 'Burial', 'Milgate' [Poems]: 10-12

Hans Keller: 'My Family, You, and I' [Non-Fiction: Family Life -- 1]: 13-23

Paul Theroux: 'The Greenest Island' [Novella]: 24-38

Ian Hamilton: '[Untitled]' [Interview with Simon Gray]: 39-46

Nadine Gordimer: 'The Need for Something Sweet' [Fiction]: 47-50

John Webb: 'Down and Up in San Francisco' [Essay]: 51-57

Letters [From Edward Mendelson and others]: 58-62

Richard Bennett Zeff: 'Other Voices, Other Rooms' [Rev. of Kobbé's Complete Opera Book, edited and revised by the Earl of Harewood]: 63-66

Russell Davies: 'Books I Have Visited' [Rev. of Try Anything Once, by Raymond Mortimer]: 66-67

Lorna Sage: 'The Fiction of the Critic' [Rev. of Theory of Criticism, by Murray Krieger]: 68-69

Colin Falck: 'Less Deceived' [Rev. of Collected Poems 1930-1976, by Richard Eberhart; Searching for the Ox, by Louis Simpson; The House on Marshland, by Louise Gluck; Survivals, by Jim Howell; Mr Maui, by Peter Bland; The Noise of the Fields, by Hugh Maxton; Time Enough, by John Hewitt; Judy Garland and the Cold War, by James Simmons; No Fool Like an Old Fool, by Gavin Ewart]: 69-71

Julian Barnes: 'What's So Funny?' [Rev. of I Hear America Swinging, by Peter De Vries; Slapstick, by Kurt Vonnegut]: 71-72

Grey Gowrie: 'A Small Space between Life and Art' [Rev. of David Hockney, by David Hockney]: 72-74

'R. B. Kitaj and David Hockney' [Conversation]: 75-77

'Greek Street W 1': 78-80

Vol. 3, No. 36 (March 1977)
The New Review, no. 36 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

John Grigg: 'The Queen and I' [On the Monarchy]: 3-6

Harold Pinter: 'Lola' [Fiction]: 7

David Harsent: 'At the Solstice' [Poem]: 8-9

Adam Hopkins: 'Tholos', 'For Gabriel in her Illness' [Poem]: 10

Joan Didion: 'Three or Four Things about Charlotte' [Extract from A Book of Common Prayer]: 11-14

Peter Porter: 'Locked Out of Paradise' [Non-Fiction: Family Life -- 2]: 15-20

Barbara Lecker: '[Untitled]' [Interview with Marcel Marceau]: 21-27

John Matthias: 'Dogeared Proem', 'Section Three' [From the Lermontov Poems]: 28-30

Victor Sage: 'Little Goethe' [Fiction]: 31-40

James Fenton: 'A Backward Love' [Rev. of Christopher and His Kind, by Christopher Isherwood]: 41-43

Michael Davie: 'The Lost Liberal' [Rev. of In Our Time: America from World War II to Nixon, by Godfrey Hodgson; Lyndon Johnson & the American Dream, by Doris Kearns]: 43-45

David Harsent: 'Did He Really?' [Rev. of The Art of the Real -- Poetry in England and America since 1939, by Eric Homberger]: 45-46

David Craig: 'Criminal Activities' [On crime fiction]: 47-48

Michael Kustow: 'Art That Makes You Laugh' [On the exhibition of Ralph Steadman drawings at the National Theatre]: 49-52

Donald Hall: 'Letter from New Hampshire' [On turning freelance]: 53-54

Leonie Lichtenstein: ' "People Use Language to Live" ' [On the South African Government imposing the Afrikaans language on Black schools]: 55-58

Bernard Crick: 'Back to the Text' [On the critics' reception of the National Theatre's Tales from the Vienna Woods]: 59-61

'Greek Street W 1': 62-64

Vol. 4, No. 37 (April 1977)
The New Review, no. 37 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Edward Pygge: 'Greek Street W 1': 1-2, 64

Norman Podhoretz: 'The Crisis of American Elites' [Essay]: 3-8

'Jean Genet Talks to Hubert Fichte' [Interview; Trans. By Patrick McCarthy]: 9-21

Craig Raine: 'A Cremation', 'The Gardener', 'The Window Cleaner' [Poems]: 22-23

Frank Ormsby: 'A Day in August' [Poem]: 24

Eric Cheyfitz: 'Bluebeard' [Poem]: 24

Julia O'Faolain: 'Leda into Swan' [Fiction]: 25-30

Jonathan Raban: 'Living on Capital' [Non-Fiction: Family Life -- 3]: 31-38

John Fuller: 'Wriggly Porridge' [Fiction]: 39-45

Jenny King: 'The Mill, Chatsworth' [Poem]: 46

Yuri Brokhin: 'How to Make It in New York If You Are a Pickpocket and a Hooker from Moscow' [Fiction]: 47-52

Brian Wenham: 'BBC Governess' [Rev. of Facing the Nation, by Grace Wyndham Goldie]: 53-54

Brian Way: 'The Case for the Defensive' [Rev. of Marry Me, by John Updike]: 55-57

Ronald Hayman: 'Hot Stuff' [Rev. of The Marquis de Sade, by Donald Thomas]: 57-58

Lorna Sage: 'Auntly Advice' [Rev. of The Presumptuous Girls, by Anthea Zeman]: 58-59

Ronald Hayman: 'Liv Ullman: A Double Interview': 60-63

Ralph Steadman: 'Books and Bookmen -- 1' [Cartoon]: 64

Vol. 4, No. 38 (May 1977)
The New Review, no. 38 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Edward Pygge: 'Greek Street W 1': 1-2, 64

Eugene Genovese: 'Blacks in the United States -- From Slavery to the Present Crisis' [Essay]: 3-11

John Cotton: 'Visiting Fort Ross' [Poem]: 12

John Cheever: 'Falconer' [Extract from his new novel]: 13-22

Lucian K. Truscott IV: 'Requiem for a Winner' [On Rupert Murdoch's takeover of New York magazine and The Village Voice, both formerly owned by Clay S. Felker]: 23-32

Roy Fuller: 'Long Time a Child' [Non-Fiction: Family Life -- 4]: 33-38

David Lodge: 'Modernism, Antimodernism and Postmodernism' [Essay]: 39-44

Thomas J. Cottle: 'A Slave to Nobody': 45-47

Letters: 48

John Carey: 'Shall We Prance?' [Rev. of Children of the Sun: A Narrative of "Decadence" in England after 1918, by Martin Green]: 49-50

John Matthias: 'Berryman the Critic' [Rev. of The Freedom of the Poet, by John Berryman; The Situation of Poetry: Contemporary Poetry and Its Traditions, by Robert Pinsky]: 51-55

Colin Falck: 'Crawlies Discouraged' [Rev. of A State of Justice, by Tom Paulin; The Hinterland, by Peter Scupham; The Dream-House, by Kevin Crossley-Holland; A Stranger Here, by Freda Downie; Song fo the Battery Hen: Selected Poems 1959-1975, by Edwin Brock; Here, Now, Always, by Edwin Brock]: 55-57

Peter Black: 'Duty Bound' [Rev. of Visions before Midnight, by Clive James]: 57-58

Mary-Kay Wilmers: 'Just a Moment' [Rev. of An Autobiographical Novel, by Kenneth Rexroth]: 58-59

Duncan Macleod: 'The Roots of Roots' [On Alex Haley's book]: 60-62

Christopher Hitchens: 'Snakes Alive' [Rev. of Torture in Greece: The First Torturers' Trial 1975]: 62-63

Ralph Steadman: 'Books and Bookmen -- 2' [Cartoon]: 64

Vol. 4, Nos. 39/40 (June/July 1977)
The New Review, no. 39-40 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Edward Pygge: 'Greek Street W 1': 3-4, 80

John Sutherland: 'The Selling of Ragtime: A Novel for Our Times?' [Essay on E. L. Doctorow's novel]: 3-11

Harold Pinter: 'Message', 'The Doing So' [Poems]: 12

'Italo Calvino Talks to Guido Almansi' [Interview]: 13-19

Ian McEwan: 'To and Fro' [Fiction]: 20-22

Charles Osborne: 'Soviet Diary' [Extracts from the journals of five British writers invited to the USSR as guest of the Soviet Writers' Union]: 23-35

George Melly: 'Belle de Jour' [Poem]: 36

Charles Furbank: 'Chekhov Was Principally a Humorist' [Essay]: 37-38

Shena Mackay: 'Canterbury Bells' [Non-Fiction: Family Life -- 5]: 39-42

Craig Raine: 'Anno Domini' [Poem]: 43-50

Lorna Sage: 'The Savage Sideshow' [Profile of, and interview with, Angela Carter]: 51-57

Martin Elliott: 'History Today' [Fiction]: 58-64

Stephen Spender: ' "Children of the Sun" ' [A response to John Carey]: 65-66

Karl Miller: 'God's Ambassador' [Rev. of Eliot's Early Years, by Lyndall Gordon; The Literary Criticism of T. S. Eliot, edited by David Newton-De Molina]: 67-69

David Edgar: 'Achtung!' [Rev. of The National Front, by Martin Walker]: 69-71

Robert Garioch: 'With Keats in Florence' [Rev. of Abba Abba, by Anthony Burgess]: 71-73

Ralph Steadman: 'Books and Bookmen -- 3' [Cartoon]: 72

Tom Paulin: 'From the Soul's Very Viscera' [Rev. of Gerard Manley Hopkins, by Bernard Bergonzi]: 73-74

James Fitzjames James: 'Bardic Balderdash' [Rev. of The Oxford Book of Welsh Verse in English, chosen by Gwyn Jones]: 74

Letters: 75

David Craig: 'Criminal Activities' [On crime fiction]: 76-78

Craig Raine: 'Postcards from Russia' [On Russia, John Wain, Tom Stoppard, and Clive James, with poem by Raine to Clive James]: 78-80

Vol. 4, No. 41 (August 1977)
The New Review, no. 41 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Edward Pygge: 'Greek Street W 1': 1-2, 64

Edmund Wilson: ' "Europe Without Baedeker" ' [Letters written while travelling to Europe]: 3-8

John McGahern: 'Doorways' [Fiction]: 9-17

Andrew Motion: 'The Fourth', 'The First', 'The Second', 'The Third', 'The Fourth' [Poems under the general title of 'Anniversaries']: 18-20

Li-Li Ch'en: 'Peking! Peking!' [On the transition from traditional China to the People's Republic]: 21-29

Jean Rhys: 'Our Gardener' [Poem]: 30

Ian Hamilton: '[Untitled]' [Interview with Patricia Highsmith]: 31-36

Patricia Highsmith: 'The Breeder', 'The Mobile Bed Object' [Two tales of misogyny]: 37-41

Mark Shechner: 'Summing Up the Sixties' [On Morris Dickstein]: 43-48

Letters: 49-50

Clive James: 'Postcards from Russia' [Letters to Craig Raine and others]: 51-52

Ralph Steadman: 'Books and Bookmen -- 4' [Cartoon]: 51

Christopher Hitchens: 'Tomboys' [Rev. of Ruling Passions: The Autobiography of Tom Driberg]: 53-54

Colin Bell: 'High Road and Low Road' [Rev. of Scotland and the Union, by David Daiches; The Break-Up of Britain: Crisis and Neo-Nationalism, by Tom Nairn; Scotland and Nationalism: Scottish Society and Politics, 1707-1977, by Christopher Harvie]: 54-56

Mary Ellmann: 'Holding Their Own' [Rev. of It Changes My Life: Writings on the Women's Movement, by Betty Friedan]: 56-57

Craig Seligman: 'Intoxicated But Upright' [Rev. of Reeling, by Pauling Kael]: 57-58

Christopher Butler: 'Cottage Industry' [Rev. of Homosexuality and Literature, 1890-1930, by Jeffrey Meyers]: 58-59

Andrew Motion: 'Look for Life' [Rev. of The Consul's File, by Paul Theroux]: 59-60

Gertrud Mander: 'So They Tell Me' [On Robert Bolt's new play, State of Revolution]: 61-63

Vol. 4, No. 42 (September 1977)
The New Review, no. 42 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Edward Pygge: 'Greek Street W 1' [On novelists and their reviewers]: 1-2, 64

George Katkov: 'Meetings with Pasternak' [Katkov visited Pasternak in Moscow in 1956]: 3-5

Christopher Pilling: 'Pieris Rapae' [Poem]: 6

Christopher Hampton: 'Able's Will' [Play]: 7-25

Christopher Reid: 'H. Vernon' [Poem]: 26

Connie Bensley: 'Life Study' [Poem]: 26

C. K. Stead: 'Katherine Mansfield and the Art of Fiction' {Essay]: 27-36

Francis Wyndham: 'Obsessions' [Fiction]: 37-40

Angela Carter: 'Time to Tell the Time' [Non-Fiction: Family Life -- 6]: 41-46

David Daiches: 'As It Happens' [Rev. of The Diary of Virginia Woolf, Volume 1: 1915-1919, edited by Anne Olivier Bell; The Novels of Virginia Woolf, by Hermione Lee]: 47-49

Lorna Sage: 'No Trespassers' [Rev. of The Fire and the Sun, by Iris Murdoch]: 49-50

Jeremy Treglown: 'Growing Up Gracefully' [Rev. of E. M. Forster: A Life, Volume One: The Growth of the Novelist (1879-1914), by P. N. Furbank]: 50-51

Colin Falck: 'From the Penile Colony' [Rev. of A Bonus, by Elizabeth Smart; Loveroot, by Erica Jong; Gaudete, by Ted Hughes; Collected Poems 1948-1976, by Dannie Abse; Mules, by Paul Muldoon; A Sense of Belonging: Six Scottish Poets of the Seventies, compiled by Brian Murray and S. Smith]: 51-53

Julian Symons: 'Out of Danger' {Rev. of Part of My Life, by A. J. Ayer]: 53-54

Edna Longley: 'From the Home Front' [Rev. of Raw Silk, by Janet Burroway; A Book of Common Prayer, by Joan Didion; Proxopera, by Benedict Kiely]: 54-56

Tina Brown: 'Stirring It' [Rev. of Falconer, by John Cheever; Johnny I Hardly Knew You, by Edna O'Brien; Nelly's Version, by Eva Figes; The Danger Tree, by Olivia Manning]: 56

Peter Prince: 'Dear Me' [Rev. of My Life Closed Twice, by Nigel Williams; The Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick, by Peter Handke; Short Letter, Long Farewell, by Peter Handke; Splendid Lives, by Penelope Gilliatt]: 56-57

Christopher Reid: 'Outsider in Edinburgh' [Rev. of Collected Poems, by Robert Garioch]: 58-59

Richard Bennett Zeff: 'Listen for the Invisible' [On recent recordings of Offenbach, Weill, Verdi and Donizetti]: 59-62

Letters: 63

Vol. 4, No. 43 (October 1977)
The New Review, no. 43 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Edward Pygge: 'Greek Street W 1' [On Money]: 1-2, 64

Robert Lowell: 'Summer Tides', 'Unwanted' [Two last poems to mark Lowell's death]: 3-6

John Bayley: 'A Poet Insufficiently Himself?' [On Harold Bloom and Wallace Stevens]: 7-12

Hans Keller: 'To Jerusalem and Forward -- 1' [Non-Fiction, extracts from journals]: 13-24

Ian Hamilton: '[Untitled]' [Interview with Dan Jacobson]: 25-29

Ian Gregson: 'Untune that String', 'Urban Renewal' [Poems]: 30

James Fenton: 'Le Carré Goes East' [On John Le Carré and The Honourable Schoolboy]: 31-34

Les A. Murray: 'The Future', 'A Presentiment' [Poems]: 35-36

Arnold Sable: 'When Higher Education Went Knish' [Essay on being a member of the first class at Brandeis, America's first all-Jewish University]: 37-45

Letters: 46-48

C. J. Driver: 'A Somewhere Place' [Rev. of The Confessions of Josef Baisz, by Dan Jacobson]: 49-50

Christopher Reid: 'Bishop's Benedictions' [Rev. of Geography III, by Elizabeth Bishop]: 50-52

Patrick McCarthy: 'Only Disconnect' [Rev. of Beckett/Beckett, by Vivian Mercier]: 52-53

George Brown: 'Hawk form a Handsaw' [Rev. of The Politics of Solzhenitsyn, by Stephen Carter]: 53-54

Christopher Hitchens: 'What the Butler For?' [Rev. of Rum, Bum and Concertina, by George Melly]: 54-55

Dan Davin: 'Crossing the Bar' [Rev. of Under Siege: Literary life in London 1939-45, by Robert Hewison]: 55-56

Valentine Cunningham: 'Faculty Intact' [Rev. of Night Visitors: The Rise and Fall of the English Ghost Story, by Julia Briggs]: 56-58

Tom Paulin: 'Ice Sage' [Rev. of The Ice Age, by Margaret Drabble; Ends and Means, by Stanley Middleton]: 58-59

Edna Longley: 'Crocheted Castle' [Rev. of Great Granny Webster, by Caroline Blackwood; In the Miro District, by Peter Taylor; Speedboat, by Renata Adler; Farewell Companions, by James Plunkett]: 59-60

Vieda Skultans: '[Untitled]' [On the Szasz-Laing debate and the relationship between psychiatry and politics]: 61-63

Vol. 4, No. 44 (November 1977)
The New Review, no. 44 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Edward Pygge: 'Greek Street W 1' [On Money]: 1-2, 64

Melvyn Bragg Talks with Ian Hamilton [Interview]: 3-11

John Gurney: 'The Salmon-Leap' [Poem]: 12

Beryl Bainbridge: 'Facing Backwards' [Non-Fiction: Family Life -- 7]: 13-16

Simon Gray: 'Molly' [Play]: 17-38

Clive James: 'The Poetry of Edmund Wilson' [Essay]: 39-42

Ruth Fainlight: 'The Delphic Sibyl', 'Hallucinating Sibyl', 'The Cimmerian Sibyl', 'Blocked Sibyl', 'The Phrygian Sibyl']: 43-46

C. E. Carrington: 'Something of Himself' [Rev. of The Strange Ride of Rudyard Kipling, His Life and Works, by Angus Wilson]: 47-49

Anthony Quinton: 'Hors D'Oeuvres' [Rev. of Thackeray: Prodigal Genius, by John Carey]: 49-50

Mary Ellmann: 'Queen Cathleen' [Rev. of Maud Gonne, by Samuel Levenson]: 51-52

Eliot Slater: 'How Dottissima?' [Rev. of Marie Stopes, by Ruth Hall]: 52-53

Hermione Lee: 'Distinctly Claggy' [Rev. of Elizabeth Bowen: Portrait of a Writer, by Victoria Glendinning]: 53-54

James Cameron: 'Race and Reason' [Rev. of India: A Wounded Civilisation, by V.S. Naipaul]: 54-56

Irving Wardle: 'Life and Quirks' [Rev. of Artaud and After, by Ronald Hayman; Artaud at Rodez, by Charles Marowitz]: 56-57

Ronald Hayman: 'Black Mummers' [Rev. of Conference of the Birds: The Story of Peter Brook in Africa, by John Heilpern]: 57

Claire Tomalin: 'Trite Finish' [Rev. of Injury Time, by Beryl Bainbridge]: 57-58

Jonathan Keates: 'Flatlands' [Rev. of Daniel Martin, by John Fowles; Evidence of Love, by Shirley Anne Grau; An Artist and a Magician, by Hugh Fleetwood]: 58-59

Martin Stannard: 'Objecting to Correlatives' [Rev. of Amateurs, by Donald Barthelme]: 60

David Craig: 'Criminal Activities' [On crime fiction]: 61-62

Peter Marsh: [On the dismissal of the National Book League Deputy Director, Clifford Simmons]: 63

Vol. 4, Nos. 45/46 (December 1977/January 1978)
The New Review, no. 45-46 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Edward Pygge: 'Greek Street W 1' [On Money]: 1-2, 80

Nigel Nicolson: 'Virginia Woolf: A Personal Memoir': 3-7

Douglas Dunn: 'Old Things' [Poem]: 8

Mark Kidel: 'The Hip Capitalist Dream' [On Richard Branson, Virgin Records, and the Sex Pistols]: 9-18

John McGahern: 'Along the Edges' [Fiction]: 19-23

C. J. Driver: 'Lincolnshire Fenland' [Poem]: 24

William Trevor: 'Jigsaws' [Non-Fiction: Family Life -- 8]: 25-28

Hugo Williams: 'Bard on the Road' [On the road in the United States]: 29-36

Jeremy Treglown: 'Getting Through' [Play for radio]: 37-41

David Rokeah: 'Vita' [Poem]: 42

Hans Keller: 'To Jerusalem and Forward - 2' [Non-Fiction, extracts from journals]: 43-53

Hugo Williams: 'Well-Cut Suits' [Poem]: 54

Judith Chernaik: 'Return of a Native' [On revisiting New York]: 55-58

James Fenton: 'Under the Influence' [On early Auden]: 59-61

Letters: 62

Jean Franco: 'Don't Look at Me' [Rev. of Paper Tigers: The Ideal Fictions of Jorge Luis Borges, by John Sturrock]: 63-64

Eliot Slater: 'Gone and Future' [Rev. of 1975(1984 minus 9), by Hans Keller]: 65

Christopher Hitchens: 'Swine before Pearls' [Rev. of Aristotle Onassis, by Nicholas Fraser, Philip Jacobson, Mark Ottaway and Lewis Chester]: 66-67

Julian Barnes: 'Be My Fag' [Rev. of The Public School Phenomenon, by Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy]: 67-68

Christopher Butler: 'Sylvia Plath's Prose' [Rev. of Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams, by Sylvia Plath]: 68-69

Tom Paulin: 'Dubious Perfection' [Rev. of Dreams of the Dead, by David Harsent]: 69-70

Colin Falck: 'The Lettered Life' [Rev. of Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror, by John Ashberry; The Mind-Reader, by Richard Wilbur; Millions of Strange Shadows, by Anthony Hecht; Implements in Their Places, by W. S. Graham; A Portion for Foxes, by Anthony Thwaite; Real Estate, by Michael Hamburger; In the Stopping Train & other poems, by Donald Davie; From Every Chink of the Ark, by Peter Redgrove; Nothing for Anyone, by Peter Reading]: 70-73

Hermione Lee: 'Poe Faced' [Rev. of Lancelot, by Walker Percy; But Answer Came There None, by Yvonne Mitchell; Danny Hill, by Francis King]: 73-74

Emma Tennant: 'Wake' [Rev. of The Farewell Party, by Milan Kundera; Lazarus, by André Malraux]: 74-76

Jonathan Keates: 'Time to Split' [Rev. of Attachments, by Judith Rossner]: 76

Craig Seligman: '[Untitled]' [On the film Looking for Mr Goodbar]: 77

R. B. Woodings: 'Publishers' Cold Feet: A Personal View' [Essay]: 78-79

Vol. 4, No. 47 (February 1978)
The New Review, no. 47 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Edward Pygge: 'Greek Street W 1' [On Money]: 1-2, 64

Barbara Hardy: 'Berryman's Fate' [Essay]: 3-6

Fleur Adcock: 'The Ex-Queen among the Astronomers', 'Proposal for a Survey', 'A Way Out' [Poems]: 7-9

John Sutherland: 'The Reviewing Establishment' [Essay]: 11-18

Alan Ross: 'A Strangers' Child' [Non-Fiction: Family Life -- 9]: 19-23

Seamus Heaney: 'An Afterwards', 'The Skunk' [Poems]: 24-25

John Matthias: 'Mid-Atlantic: Night' [Poem]: 26

Craig Raine: '[Untitled]' [Interview with Peter Benenson, founder of Amnesty International]: 27-31

Susan Whiting: 'Nostra Signora Della Montagna' [Poem]: 32

Patrice Chaplin: 'The Sunlounge' [Fiction]: 33-37

Letters [From Bernard Bergonzi, Hermione Lee, and others]: 38-39

Rosalind Mitchison: 'The Numbers Game' [Rev. of Family Life and Illicit Love in Earlier Generations, by P. Laslett; The Family, Sex and Marriage in England 1500-1800, by Lawrence Stone]: 41-44

Larzer Ziff: 'On the Run' [Rev. of Edgar Allan Poe, by David Sinclair]: 44-45

Keith Walker: 'Round and Round' [Rev. of Oscar Wilde: Art and Egotism, by Rodney Shewan]: 45-46

Patrick Parrinder: 'Big Boy' [Rev. of Jack: A Biography of Jack London, by Andrew Sinclair]: 46-47

Sean O'Brien: 'Bloodsport' [Rev. of Complete Poems, by Keith Douglas, edited by Desmond Graham]: 47-48

Hermione Lee: 'Egg Text' [Rev. of The Modes of Modern Writings: Metaphor, Metonymy, and the Typology of Modern Literature, by David Lodge]: 48-50

Edna Longley: 'Against Blindness' [Rev. of Missing Persons and Other Essays, by Heinrich Böll]: 50-51

Jeremy Treglown: 'Apelands' [Rev. of In Between the Sheets, by Ian McEwan]: 51-52

William Boyd: 'Dug Up' [Rev. of By Night Unstarred, by Patrick Kavanagh]: 52

Jane Miller: 'The Unlikely Lads' [Rev. of Learning to Labour: How Working Class Kids Get Working Class Jobs, by Paul Willis]: 53-54

Harold Rosen: 'Signing On' [Rev. of Semantics, by John Lyons]: 55-57

Val Arnold-Forster: 'Hands in Hands' [Rev. of Education in Schools, A Consultative Document and A New Partnership for Our Schools, by HMSO]: 58-59

Margaret Spencer: 'How Do Real Toads Live?' [Rev. of Good Writers for Young Readers, by Dennis Butts; Perspectives on School at Seven Years Old, by J. and E. Newson; No End to Yesterday, by Shelagh Macdonald]: 59-60

Craig Seligman: 'The Screen as Star' [On Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind]: 61

Richard Bennett Zeff: 'Boris's Year' [On recent recordings of Mussorgsky and Rimsky-Korsakov]: 62-63

Vol. 4, No. 48 (March 1978)
The New Review, no. 48 (edited by Ian Hamilton)    

Edward Pygge: 'Greek Street W 1': 1-2

Letters: 2

'A Modest Proposal to Institutionalise the present war in Northern Ireland': 3-7

Hugo Williams: 'The Buried Life', 'Broken Dreams', 'New Coat, Last Chance', 'By Heart', 'Along These Lines', 'Eye Open', 'Your Way Home', 'The Spell' [Poems}: 8-10

Ian Hamilton: 'Goodbye to All That' [Interview with A. Alvarez]: 11-18

Isabel Colegate: 'Youngest of the Young' [Non-Fiction: Family Life -- 10]: 19-23

Michael Longley: 'Brothers', 'Housekeeper', 'Self-heal' [Poems under the central title of 'Mayo Monologues']: 24-26

J. K. Wing: 'Psychiatry and Dissidence' [Excerpt from his book Reasoning About Madness]: 27-36

Shashi Tharoor: 'The Loneliness of the Short Story Writer' [Fiction]: 37-41

Robin Blackburn: 'The Rise of the Blimp Pundit' [On the conscience of Paul Johnson]: 42-46

John Hollander: 'Darkling Thrush' [Rev. of Robert Frost: The Work of Knowing, by Richard Poirier]: 47-49

Stephen Wall: 'Yours Ever' [Rev. of The Collected Letters of Thomas Hardy, Volume One: 1840-1892, edited by Richard Little Purdy and Michael Millgate; The Letters of Charles Dickens, Volume Four: 1844-1846, edited by Kathleen Tillotson]: 49-51

John Sturrock: 'Hic and Ille' [Rev. of Balzac: Fiction and Melodrama, by Christopher Prendergast]: 51-52

Ian McEwan: 'Thank Heavens' [Rev. of Lewis Carroll: Fragments of a Looking Glass, by Jean Gattegno]: 53-54

Jeremy Treglown: 'Hello, Hello, Hello' [Rev. of E. M. Forster: A Life. Volume Two, by P. N. Furbank]: 54-56

Colin Falck: 'Witticisms, Etc.' [Rev. of The Collected Poems of Howard Nemerov, by Howard Nemerov; The Bear Looked Over the Mountain, by Kit Wright; Or Where a Young Penguin Lies Screaming, by Gavin Ewart; A Store of Candles, by Frank Ormsby]: 56-57

Julian Barnes: 'Grounded' [Rev. of Time and Chance, by Peter Townsend]: 58

Hermione Lee: 'The Traitor Within' [Rev. of The Human Factor, by Graham Greene]: 59-60

Jane Miller: 'Up to Hear' [Rev. of The Professor of Desire, by Philip Roth]: 60-61

David Lodge: 'Vice Versa' [Rev. of Success, by Martin Amis]: 61-62

David Craig: 'Criminal Activities' [On crime fiction]: 63-64

Volume 5, No. 1 (Summer 1978)
The New Review, vol. 5, no. 1 (edited by Ian Hamilton)

Stephen Hearst: 'It Ain't Necessarily So' [On the power of television]: 3-13

'The State of Fiction: A Symposium' [Contributors include: Kingsley Amis, A. Alvarez, Brian Aldiss, Martin Amis, Paul Bailey, J. G. Ballard, A. L. Barker, David Benedictus, Stan Barstow, Melvyn Bragg, Malcolm Bradbury, John Braine, Christine Brooke-Rose, A. S. Byatt, Jeremy Brooks, Brigid Brophy, Angela Carter, Isabel Colegate, Robert Coover, William Cooper, Elaine Feinstein, Nicolas Freeling, Eva Figes, Giles Gordon, Patricia Highsmith, Michael Holroyd, Jennifer Johnston, Dan Jacobson, Diane Johnson, Gabriel Josipovici, Mervyn Jones, Francis King, David Lodge, Ian McEwan, Olivia Manning, Brian Moore, Stanley Middleton, Helen Muir, Edna O'Brien, Julia O'Faolain, Barbara Pym, David Plante, Frederic Raphael, Piers Paul Read, Alan Ross, Alan Sillitoe, Julian Symons, Emma Tennant, Paul Theroux, Anthony Thwaite, William Trevor, Peter Vansittart, Auberon Waugh, Raymond Williams, A. N. Wilson, Angus Wilson]: 14-76

Andrew Motion: 'A Natural Perspective' [Poem]: 77

Geoffrey Cannon: 'Woman', 'The Way It Was', 'Leave', 'Maida Vale Woman', 'Halfway' [Poems]: 78-80

Clive James: 'Transparent Petropolis' [Rev. of Osip Mandelstam, trans. by James Greene; Osip Mandelstam: 50 Poems, trans. by Bernard Meares]: 81-88

Janet Cobb: 'My Dear E. C. (Grade 5)' [Fiction]: 89-95

Sean O'Brien: 'The Snowfield' [Poem]: 96

Helen McNeil: 'Us and Them' [Rev. of The Yearbook of English Studies, edited by G. K. Hunter and C. J. Rawson]: 97-101

John Kelly: 'A Tolerable Wrestle' [Rev. of The Composition of Four Quartets, by Helen Gardner]: 101-104

Keith Walker: 'Clump Clump' [Rev. of Samuel Johnson, by W. Jackson Bate]: 105-107

Anthony K. Thorlby: 'Faithfully' [Rev. of Tolstoy's Letters, selected, edited and translated by R. F. Christian]: 107-109

David Freedberg: 'Saints Alive' [Rev. of The Religious and Historical Painting of Jan Steen, by Baruch D. Kirschenbaum; Zurbarán, by Julian Gallego and Jose Gudiol]: 109-112

William Vaughan: 'Not by Paint Alone' [Rev. of The Paintings of J. M. W. Turner, by Martin Butlin and Evelyn Joll]: 112-114

Christopher Butler: 'The Penny Drops' [Rev. of Dada and Surrealism Reviewed, by Dawn Ades; Man Ray, by Arturo Schwarz; The Real World of the Surrealists, by Malcolm Haslam]: 114-117

James Fenton: 'Between Despair and Dawn' [Rev. of The Cost of Seriousness, by Peter Porter]: 117-118

Christopher Reid: 'Recreations' [Rev. of The Onion, Memory, by Craig Raine]: 118-120

Colin Falck: 'Think It Over' [Rev. of Enough of Green, by Anne Stevenson; Frequencies, by R. S. Thomas; The Honeymoon Voyage, by D. M. Thomas; Autumn to Autumn, by A. Alvarez; Open Day and Night, by Michael Burn]: 120-124

Letters: 125-128

Volume 5, No. 2 (Autumn 1978)
The New Review, vol. 5, no. 2 (edited by Ian Hamilton)

Isaiah Berlin: 'Tolstoy Remembered' [On Tolstoy Remembered, by Tatyana Tolstoy]: 3-7

Lachlan Mackinnon: 'A Family Tradition' [Poem]: 8

Ian Hamilton: 'Points of Departure' [Interview with Ian McEwan]: 9-21

Wes Magee: 'The Big Drop' [Poem]: 22

Dan Jacobson: 'The Summer-School Project of Jay Edward Ashridge' [Fiction]: 23-37

Matt Simpson: 'Links with the New World', 'Hospital Visit', 'Dead Carthorse on the Beach', 'To Tom in Canada', 'Homecoming' [Poems]: 38-42

Ruth Fainlight: 'Always a Foreigner' [Non-Fiction: Family Life -- 11]: 43-50

John Bayley: '[Untitled]' [Rev. of William Empson and the Philosophy of Literary Criticism, by C. C. Norris]: 51-55

Tom Paulin: 'In the Lost Province', 'The Garden of Self-Delight' [Poems]: 56-57

Steven Kupfer: 'Kentish Town Princess' [Fiction]: 59-65

Anthony Thwaite: 'From the Villa Massoni' [Poem]: 67-68

Kevin Crossley-Holland: 'The Monk's Reflection' [Poem]: 69-70

Hugo Williams: 'The Roads Not Taken' [On the road in the United States]: 71-87

A. J. P. Taylor: 'Not World Enough' [Rev. of The Times Atlas of World History, edited by Geoffrey Barraclough]: 89-91

Philip Larkin: 'Amis and Auden' [Rev. of The New Oxford Book of Light Verse, chosen by Kingsley Amis]: 92-94

Denis Donoghue: 'So Long As It Was Verbal' [Rev. of The Selected Letters of Conrad Aiken, edited by Joseph Killorin]: 94-98

Larzer Ziff: 'Diminishing Returns' [Rev. of William Faulkner: Towards Yoknapatawpha and Beyond, by Cleanth Brooks]: 98-101

John Calder: 'Hide and Seek' [Rev. of Samuel Beckett: A Biography, by Deirdre Bair]: 102-105

Christopher Reid: 'Flapping and Other Motions' [Rev. of Cave Birds, by Ted Hughes; The Pleasure Steamers, by Andrew Motion; The Selected James Simmons, by James Simmons, edited by Edna Longley]: 106-108

John Kelly: 'Speak Easy' [Rev. of Sailing into the Unknown: Yeats, Pound and Eliot, by M. L. Rosenthal]: 108-111

Kitty Mrosovsky: 'Friends Indeed' [Rev. of Franz Kafka: Letters to Friends, Family, and Editors, Trans. By R. & C. Winston]: 111-114

Robert Hewison: 'Time for the Next Round' [Rev. of Café Society: Bohemian Life from Swift to Bob Dylan, by Steve Bradshaw]: 114-115

Jeremy Treglown: 'Down Below' [Rev. of The Cement Garden, by Ian McEwan]: 116-117

Letters: 118-119

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