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Ian Hamilton in Conversation with Dan Jacobson
London: Between the Lines, 2002. 196 pp.

A 30,000 word interview, in which Hamilton talks about his upbringing, the growth of his love of poetry, his work as an editor and reviewer, the trials and tribulations of his various magazines, the poets whose work he championed, the friends and enemies made along the way, his passion for football, and much else besides. The book contains a comprehensive bibliography, two uncollected poems and 25 pages of previously unpublished photographs.

Excerpts from Ian Hamilton in Conversation with Dan Jacobson were published in the London Review of Books as:

'You Muddy Fools.' London Review of Books 24.2 (14 January 2002): 3-14.
'The Price." London Review of Books 24.4 (21 February 2002): 22-28.

Don Swaim Interviews Ian Hamilton

Don Swaim interviewed Ian Hamilton on two occasions, the first in 1982 upon the publication of Robert Lowell and again in 1988 regarding In Search of J. D. Salinger. Both interviews are available in .ram and .mp3 formats at the Wired for Books website: http://wiredforbooks.org/ianhamilton/


'Ian Hamilton in Conversation with Peter Dale.' Agenda 31.2 (Summer 1993): 7-21.

Dark Horse Magazine

Gerry Cambridge interviewed Ian Hamilton in The Dark Horse no.3 (1996): 34-43. The interview is archived on Cambridge's website: http://www.gerrycambridge.com/prosepdf/hamilton3.pdf

Additional Interviews

'A Conversation with Ian Hamilton.' American Poetry Review 7.5 (September-October 1978): 23-27.

'Weatherby, W. J. ' "The 24-Hour a Day Poet": Ian Hamilton Talks to W. J. Weatherby about His Life of Robert Lowell.' The Guardian, 16 December 1982: 10.

Stead, D. 'Guilty Five Times a Week.' New York Times Book Review, May 1990: 2.

LeStage, Greg. 'Pick Me Flowers for Vietnam.' Poetry Review 87.4 (1997): 28-32.


Interviews Conducted by Ian Hamilton

'Four Conversations: Thom Gunn, Philip Larkin, Christopher Middleton and Charles Tomlinson.' London Magazine 4.8 (4 November 1964): 64-85.

'A Conversation with Edgell Rickword.' The Review 11-12 (August 1964): 17-21.

'A Conversation with Claud Cockburn.' The Review 11-12 (August 1964): 51-53.

'A Conversation with Edward Upward.' The Review 11-12 (August 1964): 65-67.

'A Conversation with James Reeves.' The Review 11-12 (August 1964): 68-70.

'A Conversation with Geoffrey Grigson.' The Review 22 (June 1970): 15-26.

'A Conversation with Stephen Spender.' The Review 23 (September-November 1970): 19-32.

'A Conversation with Alan Ross.' The Review 25 (Spring 1971): 39-50.

'A Conversation with Robert Lowell.' The Review 25 (Summer 1971): 10-29; reprinted in Modern Occasions 2.1 (Winter 1972): 28-48; reprinted in American Poetry Review 7 (September-October 1978): 23-27; reprinted in Robert Lowell: Interviews and Memoirs, edited by Jeffrey Meyers, University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1988.

'Going Public.' The New Review 3.33 (December 1976): 31-37 [An interview with Clive James].

'Simon Gray in Conversation with Ian Hamilton.' The New Review 3.34/35 (January-February 1977): 39-46.

'Patricia Highsmith Talks to Ian Hamilton.' The New Review 4.41 (August 1977): 31-36.

'Dan Jacobson Talks to Ian Hamilton.' The New Review 4.43 (October 1977): 25-29.

'Melvyn Bragg Talks to Ian Hamilton.' The New Review 4.44 (November 1977): 3-11.

'Goodbye to All That.' The New Review, 4.48 (March 1978): 11-18 [An interview with Al Alvarez].

'Points of Departure.' The New Review 5.2 (Autumn 1978): 9-21 [An interview with Ian McEwan]; reprinted in Conversations with Ian McEwan, edited by Ryan Roberts (University Press of Mississippi, Jackson, Mississippi, 2010).

'Without a Place: V.S. Naipaul in Conversation with Ian Hamilton.' Times Literary Supplement, 7 July 1971: 897-898; reprinted as 'Without a Place: V.S. Naipaul Interviewed'in Savacou: A Journal of the Caribbean Artists Movement (1974): 9-10, 120-126; and reprinted under its original title in Conversations with V. S. Naipaul, edited by Feroza Jussawalla. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 1997. 14-21.

'Ian Hamilton Talks to Philip Roth about the Confusions of Life and Fiction.' The Sunday Times, 19 February 1984.

'Poet of Unhappiness.' 23 September 1984 [An interview with Peter Ackroyd].

'A Confusion of Realms: Interview with Philip Roth.' Nation 240 (1985): 679-681.

'Triumph of the Downside.' The Guardian, 20 February 1999 [An interview with, and profile of, Peter Porter].


Please Note: Portions of this bibliography were originally compiled by Phil Hoy and Ryan Roberts for Ian Hamilton in Conversation with Dan Jacobson, London, Between the Lines, 2002. Visit the publisher's website for more information or to order.
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